Moved to Smp8

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  1. I moved to smp8 about 30 mins ago. Smp7 wasn't workin' out for me so I thought moving somewhere else and making some new friends would be a good idea. I still have a shop on 14444 (which is never gonna open, lol). Thanks for Kaja_the_pug and MasterDude13 for giving me a nice welcome. Stop by and say hi, I'd love to get to know all of you :3
  2. Well, I am on smp8 a majority of my time, but I am afk at an
    Iron/gold farm. >_>

    Guess I can't welcome you.
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  3. Was thinking of moving into smp8 too :)
  4. lol that's ok, I have been torn between SMP1 and SMP9 xP
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  5. I've been on both and I think smp1 is more friendly then smp9.
    I just moved into smp2 and met the great red dragon ruling over there, fun times :) I live next to Jenny
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  6. Why conner? D:
  7. Ya SMP1 is pretty friendly lol
  8. I like smp9 more but I prefer smp7...i dont like heavily populated servers and all the crowds. you make more friends with less people ;) we have like a small group from smp7 and it works just fine
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  9. I will miss you my old pal, I will always remember you when you were a caveman and buy all my stuff that I auctioned in my res :D.
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  10. SMP9 Seems like everyone is about business, in smp1 there will be just friends chatting and random people joining in the fun
  11. I am sorry, but the marriage can no longer work, conner. I am divorcing you.
  12. Olaf, Even though you are divorcing my sister, can we still be friends?
  13. I'm sorry this is an invalid way to divorce. Please contact the Minecraft Divorce Co. (MDC) Thanks :) hehe
  14. Will you marry me
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  15. I cant keep up with the chat on smp1 :p
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  16. It's ok, I was with your sister anyway ;)
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  17. Ooooooohhhh
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  18. lol. Tempted to become a priest now because of the talk of divorce xD
    I can see it now: "Marriages and Divorces; Priest Service." MD;PS for short ;3
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  19. Jokes on you, i have no sister.
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  20. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of patience.
    Wait, what?