Moved to quickly :( (Hacking?) because of a teleport? :S

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  1. So I recently put in a teleport.. the first one on my server basically to move something else to another area of my server that is out of the way. Apparently every time I use it once I walk around the area where I am teleported it keeps kicking me giving me the message: "Moved to quickly :( (Hacking?)" which iv gotten before in the past for being kicked off a res. Iv been using teleports before on other peoples res's but I haven't ever gotten that message before.

    So I take it I need to either redu the teleport (which I assume will still cause the same problem) or what? Anyone else getting these messages? I would think maybe its cause im moving really far in the same res but iv seen teleports that go much further before.
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  2. I got this one time too, I don't think it will happen again.
  3. Well I kept getting it over and over again. Like every time I used it. I ended up moving some things around and now it seems to work. Its just weird that it just kept doing it. It only kicked me and gave me that message once I moved. If I teleported and just stood there, nothing. But once I moved a little bit "YOUR HACKING!" :p Well maybe not that serious but it was still annoying.
  4. Yes, ai know, maybe place the plate somewhere else?
  5. You have high* latency. Try asking your ISP to increase your download bandwidth to atleast 50MB and at least higher than 2 MB of upload speed.
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  6. Huh talking to me?

    Well I ended up moving stuff around and it now works.

    But yeah my download will never be 50MB unless I pay a butt load of money (which I am not planning on doing anytime soon) if it is even available for that matter. And for upload unless I pay specifically for better upload im stuck with .50MB upload. My internet in my city is total ***** kinda why I wanted google to pick my city for that GB internet a couple years back. And no the only other place to get internet from is another company thats even worse bandwidth.

    Its also one of the reasons why I haven't uploaded anything online in a long while. I think the last times I tried I couldn't even get them up cause my upload was so terrible.
  7. I have 10 download, 1 upload, and it works just fine. :p
    And about 100fps, 10gbs of memory.
  8. When it comes to internet no one cares how much ram or processing power you have. If you have 1 MB of upload then that's good. Some companies are so cheap they limit it to Kilobytes. But download is everything, I have 50Mb download and I love it. Its great for downloading things on the internet.
  9. I got it because of kosterhaus's sheep trampoline. Never try it out yourself with like 40 sheep in. Walking into it got me dc'd.
  10. I think it's because the lag....
  11. Google made their thing in Omaha :p.. But we don't have 1GB internetz.. IF we did I would get it faster than you could say: #1GBinternetzissooooooooofastthatthissentenceisalreadysoolongthatithastraveledtheworld20times:p