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NUUU 2 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. I've just thought of it. when someone tries to goto your res and they dont have the move perm and don't know why if you made a command /res pset NAME move f {MESSAGE WHY}. Or if you have a res thats under construction and dont want the general public on, you could have a command /res set move f {message}. So people dont think of you bad if you didnt do anything wrong or if your in different time zones and they cant ask why. Lets say your builidng a mall and your breaking and placing blocks: blocks all over the floor. You dont want people on and they try to come but thy dont know why and you dont wanna explain to everyone why. This will say You don't have permission to move her: blocks being broken for construction. or if the player is individualy set to false then you don't have permission to move here: Throwing dirt on ground. I think it would be a great idea.
  2. I like this idea. Less hurt feelings.
    Then again, probably more grudges.
  3. I feel it would be good, due to "You have no move, due to [good message]"
    Then bad, due to "You have no move, due to [bad and possibly hurtful message]"
  4. Rule to make it not so hurtful. Just to let them know and if its a offending message then they could do a /report
  5. I think that if it was regulated, that'd be a pretty awesome idea.
  6. Ya with custom colors and stuff. I think it would be awesome I wish Aikar or someone one up there could look at this.
  7. Teh Bugsy Agrees :D
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  8. Problem. I doesn't show who's res it is
  9. your going to a residence /v kyle12cu1 and then error move flag etc innapropriate message? You know who it was who made the inapopriate message
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  10. It might be abused like: [username]
  11. You might do /v 19000
  12. Not a bad idea... but I dont' want to have to deal with the inevitable negative/offensive messages.

    Why do people take offense to not being able to move onto a persons res anyway? I don't get it. :) It's their res, they can do whatever they like.
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  13. There is no negative side to this. At all.
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  14. it's basically thou shalt not be a pain in the chat
  15. I dont I would like it im tierd of having to explain to people why they can't move to my res sometimes, I have a huge mall under construction and its just... onnoying
  16. lola you said onnoying xD
  17. Like peter griffin saying duty
  18. Please keep Non-Auction Posts to 6 hours