Most Visited Residences

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  1. Please Post The Residence You think is most visited.
    Post like this:
    Res Owner : Res number : Server
    bob : 1111 : Smp1
  2. <-- him : 12162 : smp6

    EDIT: around ...
    - 285 visits per week
    - 240 unique visitors
    (≈ 1.19 visits per visitor)
  3. Town Spawn is on a res, so Town Spawn
  4. :D
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  5. if our gunna put a name on it please put the RIGHT server and address
  6. Town Spawn and the old /Shop ;)
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  7. Hmmm
    1111 SMP-1 is the correct address..
  8. What does this have to do with my shop :)?
    I'm pretty sure 1111 is the most visited Residence because:
    It had one of the best enchantment shops.
    It had one of the best Malls
    It is currently one of the best flat grass residence :D
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  9. Just wondering, how do you know that?
  10. He toke slaves, counting people entering :D
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  11. im closing this in 30 min from now (under the post)
    to open a post with top 3 on a
    voting pole. winners res gets prizes
  12. I can't understand what you just said. Think you said, "I am closing this thread in a half hour to open another thread with a top 3 res poll, Whoever wins gets prizes." I hope you said that...
  13. I said that I will leave this post have another with top 3 voting for res
  14. Residence Owner: Krysyyjane9191
    Residence Number: 3004
    Server: Smp2

    Residence Owner: Inuyasha1204
    Residence Number: 4406
    Server: Smp2

    :D :D :D :D
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  15. Post Now Closed
  16. Where the heck is Alex in on this? :p
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  17. I'm thinking mob arena. Doesn't have constant visitors daily, but gets quite a few 2 days a week.
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  18. You know you have to notify a moderator to close this right? Your word is not law till then.