Most prized possession?

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  1. I was just wondering what people considered a prized possession. I'm sure everyone just about has a different one. I want to see what everyone's favorite item is so post a screenshot of yours if you can please. Here is my most prized possession: 2013-01-20_23.42.28.png
  2. Mah Beacon, I makes me feel so rich (even though I never was) :D
  3. does said possession have to be a minecraft item?
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  4. Well, I guess not.
  5. well, then i'm going to have to tell you right now, that this, little sweet bundle of amazingness is my most prized possession i will ever have in my life.

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  7. most prized possession: My Cat lily
  8. why-im-jealous-of-my-parents_o_786791.png

    Nah - just kidding .... but seriously, I think my most prized possession (which is also my downfall) is my heart. Most the time I try to do the right thing and watch what I say purely out of love, which makes me happy, but the other half of the time the same reason, me following my instincts, also cause me heartache.

    But, i'd still say that's my most prized possession is my heart <3
  9. My poster signed by cough on a field <3
  10. In minecraft.. Probably my Alix chance pie. (Or Alix chance in general <3 )

    Out of minecraft my cat rubix. Or my guitar:)
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  11. ...It used to be my bike

    Now it is either...
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  12. My Gaming Rig :3 wouldn't live without it ... I mean it I have been making it since 2010 Im not stopping now!
  13. My prize possession is my dog:

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  14. how the hell did u get that egg
    how much for it?
  15. image.jpg

    My awesome beanie is my most prized possession. I got this 5 or so years ago in Peru, So many memories :)
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  16. Hacks.
    11 trillion rupees. :D
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  17. .
    <== That fluffy thing
  18. Hax.png
  19. How did u get it?
  20. My friend gave it to me when he left.