Most popular Smp?

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  1. Hi I'm just wondering which smp is the most popular?
  2. Smp1 used to be.But now smp6 is.
  3. Let the fight begin.
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  4. Let's just settle on the conclusion that it used to be smp1 and is currently smp6
  5. SMP6 isn't the most popular :eek:
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  6. SMP 1 and 9 are the most popular. You can't really argue that. Just because SMP 6 is recommended doesn't mean it's instantly the most popular and judging by online players it's still pretty low compared to SMP 1 and 9 at peak times. :)
  7. Yeah i would sat smp6 is the least popular.
  8. SMP6 is no where NEAR the most populated server. SMP1 and SMP9 are the most populated servers. SMP6 is the least.
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  9. can we all atleast agree that smp3 is the least popular server?
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  10. smp3 is the least popular however it would be nice if we could get some newer members!
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  11. Okay,it's 6 at off peak times,1 and 9 normally.Never utopia.
  12. If you check the servers page, it shows smp1 and smp9 have the fewest open residences but smp9 has the most people on. I'm sure at different times of the day this changes and this also doesn't take derelict residences into account or people from other servers playing on another temporarily.
  13. And at on SMP3 we get 10 people and were like "OMG ITZ SO FULL WOWOW"
  14. You are not using a correct definition of popular. Populous =/= popular.
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  15. utopia is my favorite, mainly because everyone talks in supporter chat, just cause you cant see em talkin, doesnt mean they arent :)
  16. I think it is SMP-1. I have always loved this because it is where I started a long time ago. I also like it because of the economy and the chat.
  17. It depends what timezone you are in. Once Utopia had 15 people and smp1 had 5. That was late in the night one day. And other times. I have seen smp9 go with 3-5 people for 3 hours strait.
  18. ..smp2 is nice
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  19. Smp1 and Smp9 are very popular if you are talking about players on at a time. Smp2 was like that and then it just died.
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  20. Yeah, most players on smp2 had like school or jobs or stuff.