Most boneheaded thing you've done on minecraft?

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  1. for me it's going through an entire Unbreaking III Silk Touch I diamond pick before realizing that you don't need to use that on Iron and Gold to get the Ores

    DOH! that was def a boneheaded moment.

    what was yours?
  2. Probably not setting my fire spread flag to false. My house literally burned down 4 times before I figured out how.
  3. Ummmm...hmmmm...
    throwing dirt in lava and accidently throwing my unb3 eff4 pick in it.
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  4. Jumping in lava trying to go after an ore that fell in. As soon as I realized what I did, I ran back to my base, and jumped into the water inside. Man, wild is evil.
  5. I accienditaly broke my spawner.
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  6. Reset my res with 2 stacks of glowstone and a few enchanted picks,
    also going in the wild with diamond tools/armor and getting killed.
  7. Day before yesterday I was mining. I came across one diamond on the floor. I whipped out my fortune 3 pick and went at it. As soon as the ore broke I noticed lava underneath. I jumped in after the diamond. Even though I had a bucket of water on me I couldn't use it as there were two blocks above the lava. I'm an idiot. I didn't need that diamond and I knew better. Quick decision = jump in lava.

    Total loss: A full set of iron armor, 2 diamond picks, torches, melons, a bucket of water, 1 brand new fortune 3 pick, and whatever I had mined.

    Coming in at #2 would be forgetting to switch back to my regular pick and burning out my fortune 3 pick on cobble.
  8. so there i was, deep inside the caves of my first world ever (!!!!!) and i had just learnt how to play the game.
    i was running through the cave being shot at, i only had 2 porkchops left, no way back to the surface.
    so what did i do? i though that mobs could trip over stuff.
    put it together.

    also i got redstone before diamonds because i thought iron was better than diamonds. true story. if you look in the chests of all my first worlds, i have a stack of diamonds, but no diamond tools anywhere.
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  9. walked off a mouton with a ton of diamonds
  10. Accidentally broke a spawner to make it a 4x instead of a 5x. :/
  11. i broke a spawner i was about to sell. i was digging out the pit for the water to flow in and push the mobs into the ladder trap and hit my desk with my foot which caused my mouse to jerk up and i mined through the spawner before i even lifted my finger
  12. Yeah I found a quad spawner way back... Forgot to light the place up... And creeper went BOOM! SO not only did I lose 2 of the spawners but lost my gear... :(
  13. There was this time on a server (pvp) when I was moving over to my friends, I had so much valuable stuff on me, and I thought I was bad-a$$ enough to travel 5k blocks ALONE with so much valuable stuff on me. I was wrong, first I got attacked by a creeper, then a skeleton shot me down to a big open area, and after I came up from there I got attacked by some guys I killed&griefed the day before (griefing was allowed) they both ganged me and I died. 2days after me and my friends took revange, we stole all the stuff they had, and griefed the intire base they made. This time they got really mad and called the admin. The admin on the server said to them that griefing was ok, but he also TP'ed them over to our base (abusive admin) They killed few of us and the next thing we see is that the admin was putting lava ontop of our chest :(

    That day I learned to never mess with somebody there are friends with the Admin END OF STORY ..
  14. First time i played minecraft i remember i made myself a door to close up my cave in a mountain, and i misplaced the door and when i tried to break it i was standing there and opening and closing the door a milion times before i figured out how to break it. :p
  15. I've been on a number of servers with moderators that abuse their power. I once caught the moderator griefing my house so I had a go at him in the chat. He banned me for Pvp!!
  16. Haha Once I got banned for killing a moderator ON A PVP SERVER. :)

    Well he got demoted few days after. (Admin was one of my good friends)
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  17. When I Bought Minecraft in 2010,
    I Remember My first world was on a beach.
    I guess it was the perfect world.
    But I didn't know about Spacebar.
    and I spawned in a 2 deep crator so I dug everywhere I wanted to go.
    1 hour later i accidently press the spacebar button.
    and I jumped!
    (I was used to console gaming)
  18. My most boneheaded moment?

    Probably when I hit an exposed stone with my hands, and was like:

    *Y u no break!*
    *Continues for 2 seconds-sees no cracks*
    • A minor thing, but I do it regularly: I take a speed potion and then go through a portal to/from Nether. They stop working when you use a portal. Why don't I learn?
    • Caught fire, and instead of pouring a bucket of water on myself, I chose the wrong one - and poured lava over myself.
    • Digging out the ceiling of a grinder, a creeper fell on my head and exploded, destroying the spawner.
    • Rushing out to Nether to help a friend, wearing all my best armour and carrying a power-V-infinity bow; I saw him on a ledge beneath me. I hopped down, at the exact same millisecond that he removed the block I landed on. Lava ocean below...
    • Platforming over the Nether ocean, ran out of cobble. No problem, I'll use this sand instead....d'oh.
    ...and many more tales of extraordinary stupidity. (Most of the other stories in this thread sound extremely familiar; almost all "BTDT" :p)
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  19. i have a new one and it's from today... DOH!

    i went out and got 20 Villager Eggs from exploring the wild... obviously 100r a piece for eggifying them

    then i come back into town and put them up for sale at my shop... for 50r a piece... losing half my investment with every sale. what an idiot i am lol