More Staff time.

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  1. There should be a day dedicated to all mods and admins to get on and chill with the players. And kinda just take some weight off there shoulders from there jobs of scoping out the site and servers. STILL do their jobs by all means but just be more laid back and get to know the players. I guess a better way to put it is player/staff interaction, is some way or form. This may sound stupid but i enjoy having the staff around as fellow players. Not just staff. Hope that made sense, lol. Anyways, hope you guys have a good day!
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  2. Staff are equipped with a lot to help them do their jobs, so it may distract them a little but it doesn't prevent them from playing and enjoying their job. I do think this would be kind of cool, just a time to hang out with staff, but there'd need to be a lot sorted out. I like the idea though :D
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  3. And I don't know, maybe we could get some staff to live on a certain well populated but staff free smp, like maybe the one that rhymes with Kevin :D Seriously though, this would be a lot of fun, I don't really know any of the staff.
  4. I sometimes talk and have fun with some of the Staff, but most of the time they are busy :confused:
    But they do a great job keeping the servers clean! ;)
  5. Staff aren't on any specific schedule. They go on when they want to like regular players. They're also not required to be friends with everyone on the server. They just need to be fair, mature and just.

    I also think it's important to note that staff members aren't paid to do their thing either- they're just volunteers. :)
  6. I know a few (not personally) just from them joining the server. But the only time i ever see them is when they join the server to kick players or fix a players problem. Iv been on the empire for a long time and rarely ever seen a mod or admin stay in the server more than a few minutes. As i said before i realize they are busy but they could always interact more and still do their job. Only reason i mention this is because all staff that iv met so far seem really laid back and nice but as i said earlier you only see them when they join to do something only for a minute or too. Long story short it would be fun to hang out with them on the servers more. :D
  7. No no no, i know they volunteer, thats my point. They should just lay back and have some fun once in awhile. Ya know =)
  8. It depends on the server. Some have staff frequently and others (Like SMP 3) don't. It's a rare thing in SMP 3
  9. I remember when I was a mod it was a ton of exhausting work. While I was able to have a few laughs on the side -mostly on the forums- I don't know if every mod is able to balance work with fun. :)
  10. like a dont bug the staff day every once in a while? that would be cool. in the short time i have been on emc i have had nothing but a positive, helpful and friendly experience with them. thats the reason i chose to stick to this server when i was hopping around and why i think this is one of the best servers out there. im sure if they need a break others step in for them, just based off the quick response time i have gotten when ive reported issues. but seriously thanks for all you do mods/admins/founders/etc, HUG an admin today!
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  11. I this has already happened, at least from my experience. When I first started playing here it was very rare to have a moderator on the same server and if one was on, someone was most likely in trouble. I heard about spontaneous things, but they were mostly on the lower numbered servers where staff had residences and friends.

    Recently, the staff seems to have become steadily more involved with players and organizing events. Probably the best example is the mob arena, which has become a formal event, but there have been several other events with more in the works.

    I think it makes a big difference and hope they come up with more ideas like these as well as continue to be involved and interacting with players.
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  12. I think this is a great idea. But also, I think the mods have fun killing us in mob arena :p (Especially Max with her fire waves)
  13. It would be a good idea although like Crazy1800 said, it may distract them. Also, some staff or players may not want to give away personal information. Other than that, it's okay.
  14. I know a lot of moderators do actually play and do their job at the same time, which is quite fun :D

    However, the higher the staff rank, the less time you get to play, unfortunately - especially during busy hours - with the workload getting bigger (res resets, training staff, ect.)

    The purple name would make it really hard to "chill" which is why mob arenas are pretty great, amongst other things :)
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  15. i think the best way to encourage mods feel at home and stuff (cant find the right words) is to encourage an environment that isnt filled with mod buggering. the past two events i have attended was filled with "max give me ____", "dwight should _____" and " (insert the b-a mod who is constantly fixing and updating things) needs to fix/add ____" i can see how this would wear on a person so in game it needs to be made a polite rule just to keep that stuff in pm's on the forum

    just a thought though
  16. That's true, but unfortunately it happens and our staff know that. Max, ICC, Shaun, Aikar, Justin and Bigdavie in particular all know that with the responsibility that they have comes great popularity, great admiration and the "pestering" to reset res's, ect. It's their job, they accept that and it will happen no matter what :)
  17. oh i know that im saying in the same way there are people who patrol the forums for their own altruistic reasons so too should players do their best to take those pester'ers aside and either try to help them/ tell them to pm the person they are bugging on the forums.

    maybe this already happens and i just didnt see it, but i think it may gradually reduce the workload they get during the fun events they throw
  18. There are definitely a (maybe small-ish) majority of people that will direct them to the forums, yes :)