More Shops and Malls

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  1. I believe you can never have too many shops so I am in the process of expanding to other servers to make it easier for player to supply and earn rupees or buy items they need.

    While I supply some items myself I like to leave plenty of room for other players to earn some much needed rupees.

    My main mall is on smp6 /v 13131 this is well established and has a lot of choice.
    Smp7 /v 15151 is a work in progress mall but has a few shops
    Smp3 /v 7313 is also a work in progress mall with several shop chests set up

    There is also a Public wool Farm on Smp6 now at /v 12999 where you can shear to your hearts content. :)

    A Mall which I helped build but do not own is on smp8 Fairshop the giant Minion this is also a buy sell mall so again feel free to supply and buy. To get there Do /v +fs or /v Fairshop
  2. How would I make a mall and casino ?