[More Noobiness] How to make a spoiler?

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  1. Yes, it's more of FirstJugBurgerz's epic Noobiness!! Today, I'm asking the community how to put a spoiler in a post (one of those things that when you click on it, the spoiler pulls down and reveals more text). If it has to do with code, I don't what it is, so someone might have to explain it to me for me to figure it out. Thanks for reading.
  2. your welcome
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  3. You just type [spoiler=SpoilerName]Random text[/spoiler]. :) (For example, if you wanted to name the spoiler Example and for it to say Example text, you would put [spoiler=Example]Example text[/spoiler].)
  4. Thanks Kad.
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  5. Write spoiler in brackets, like this: [ Spoiler ], but without the spaces. Then, at the end, type the same thing but with a slash before the word spoiler, like this: [ / Spoiler ], also without the spaces.
  6. Don't forget to remove all formatting from the included section, that way there won't be multiple spoilers. :)
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  7. Thanks Lukas, I was also going to ask how to do a quote until you saved me some more embarrassment. :p
  8. You can do spoilers within spoilers
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  9. spoilception!
    World collapses
  10. Whoever Reads this, Start a convo with me asking for 32 free emeralds. PERSERVERENCE!!!
  11. Ah, that's how they appear! :p