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  1. Hey all,
    I was wondering how possible it is to incorporate the new rts message system into chest locks, if at all possible. Example, you place book inside a chest Named [Locked] and the contents of the book are the names of players that have access to the chest, 1 name to a line. You then place a sign above the chest saying "[Locked]" and on the second line you put "[Slot 1]" so the sign will read the book in the first slot when it's being accessed. This would help if multiple player want to have a locked chest that they all can use without having to add more chests. Also books would be able to be copied to allow a simple setup. I know in the past I've had problems like not having enough room on a sign to fir more than 2 other players on it. This would be a great convenience for a lot. Not a great priority. Thanks to all who read :D

    TL;DR: Let us use books to lock chests
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  2. This is a great moment for a TL;DR ;)
  3. Yea, the sign only allows 3 people on the locked chest.

    So using them in an area with more than 3 people makes things very difficult.
    This would allow a lot more people to the chest.
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  4. This would be a great idea! :D
    Let us use books to lock chests :p
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  5. Ooh I see thanks. :p
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  6. This might be a good way to restrict certain Chests like Olaf_C suggested in this thread:

    Instead of Restriction like he suggests, you could Lock it and put a "-" next to someone's name to restrict someone who has Container fron accessing it and just the name of people you do want to have access. Either way you still have to figure out where to put the sign. It would be nice if we had more options for placement of Access or Locked signs, but that is a Suggestion for another thread.

    I think you would also have to consider whether someone with access should be able to take or replace the book or not.
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  8. In 1.8, there is actually a feature where chests can be made to only open if a player right clicks it holding an item with the correct name. This is not exactly what you seem to be looking for, but it would allow for you to create "keys" for people to unlock a chest without necessarily using access signs.
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  9. Oh wow, that sounds awesome. Can I has key?
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  10. Might I also suggest a system to prevent players listed in the book from modifying the book and/or its contents? :p
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  11. look on
    It's listed within what he plans to do.
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  12. Ah! Didn't see that. ;)
  13. It will,
    via the use of commands and stuff,
    But we already have our own, no need for another
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