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  1. Hey errywone!
    So, I have a suggestion about adding more country's flags in the flag shop, because I feel like there are alot of people who's countries aren't featured in the shop right now! ...

    I know that they are maps, but it's been a while since we had any new flags! Besides it's not like you guys need to add alot of them, I just think a couple new will do!

    Perhaps IF you guys would add flags but don't know which ones, you guys should make a poll about it and add the most requested ones ;)!

    (I think a lot of people would be happy seeing there country's flag featured in the shop :p !)

    Greetings and don't forget to leave you're opinion!
  2. These flags aren't "coded" in. They have to be built by someone (typically ItsMeMatheus) then copied and pasted onto each world so the map can be set.
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  3. Remember they're maps, not banners.
  4. It's still a possible thing and most flags really won't require alot of work tho.
  5. Feel free to build the flags yourself and see all the work, blocks, and time it takes. After that, feel free to see if it "wont take alot of work" to build every flag for every player coming from a different country. Many of the flags (like the Mexican flag for example) have very small details that take even MORE time to map and design.

    Each flag isn't even a single map. It is 2 whole maps that need to be filled up.
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  6. Most European flags won't take a lot of effort tho!
  7. To be fairly honest, some of the flags don't require too much work, we don't release more cause we honestly don't have a reason to. All of the flags released so far were added on a special date for that country (iDay for USA, Brazil and a lot more, for example).
    Of course, some flags require a ton of work (Mexican, Pirate), but if I get a request from the Dragon, I will do my best to have it done ASAP (Mexico's coat of arms was done in 6 hours non-stop, as far as I remember).
  8. Greetings good people.
    Was just running around to the flag shops, and there appear to be some errors. For example I need a jolly roger on smp6 but it has the wrong images. I did pop over to another server, but found after that I can't transfer maps via the vault (my bad) Can anyone help please?
  9. Wrong image? i believe it two maps that make up the jolly roger. Did you buy both of them? Also only buy flags on the server you want them to stay on.
  10. Log out then log back in, it's clientside. :)
    Also, no you can't currently vault maps across smps. :)
    Hope this helps!
  11. Thanks. Just logged back in and they look fine now. bizarre...
  12. It's because of the cache to do with your client I believe. It just needs to re-load before they appear properly again :)
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  13. As Matheus said, we generally work with dates that hold significance for countries. Fun fact: a lot of those dates don't fall til 2 months from now.

    Don't worry though. We've got plans =)
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  14. You know what we need, we need a Mozambique to celebrate uhm.... I'll leave you to decide on that one