More entities aloud on a res

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  1. Hi EMC
    I was thinking it would be great if you could have more entities on a residence if your a supporter or if a momentous drops a ticket where you can claim more animal slots too. I realise this can cause lag but if only supporters and occasionally ticket holders got some more then it would not mess up the worlds. Say iron supporters get an extra 50 gold 100 and diamond 150 this can obviously be changed depending on how much is plausible.
    Thanks ~XD
  2. Diamond supporters do, they get 400 animals as well as gold who get 200. You're forgetting about the amount of residences a player can have, which enhances the limit for us. :)
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  3. ^ That and Utopian reses hold like 250 I think, around there right?
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  4. Yep
  5. Even 100 pushes the limits on what kind of lag animals can put on the server, allowing more would push it even more and could cause lag.

    We have to keep the servers running smoothly.

    The wild does have higher limits.
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  6. Exactly just make a wild base and start a cow farm or a Sheep farm for either leather or different colored wool, granted you wouldn't be able to egg then seeing as how it's 100r to egg them in the wild, but you can farm their drops in the wild.
  7. I have got a wild farm exceeded that limit too... 250 but different section aren't too far away like 501-100 blocks I guess
  8. In the title, it is allowed not aloud...

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  9. oh yeah that's awkward... sorry can a mod please change it