More Eggification Words!

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Should this feature be added?

Yush! 21 vote(s) 100.0%
Nu. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. When I was a newbie in the empire, I worked on making villager farms. Obviously, that required a bunch of eggification, and when I first joined, the sentences that popped up like: "Good thing that spell didn't bounce back and turn you into a villager!" always was a neat little feature. So, I request that moar sentences be added! Such as : "Lumos! Wait, no... Egiffy! There we go!" Due to the massive amount of players that are joining, i'm sure it'll be just as cool to them as it was to me!

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  2. I remember loving the eggify jokes as well, used to make me giggle :p
    Adding more would be great, I like it
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  3. The current jokes got old to me two years ago, I'm sure some new ones would even be good for a lot of the more experienced people, too.
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  4. Totally Agree!
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  5. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce this ____ eggified!
    That ___ took an eggify to the knee
    A wild ____ appeared! You use eggify. It's super effective!
    You know that ____ had hopes and dreams. Well, up until you eggified it.
    Lucky chickeneer did not see you eggify that Chicken
    How do you think IcecreamCow would feel with you eggifying his race?
  6. +2 with a Marlix.
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  7. I'd like the option to turn them off, honestly, but that comes of working too much with villagers. Still, I see no harm in having more variety :)
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  8. Ox Ho Chicken(or something) Is BORING
  9. Just a small town _____, living in a lonely egg!
    And so the player laughed as he eggified the _____.
    That ____ should have seen it coming...
  10. I think more should be added especially
    those^ :)
    But I also agree there should be a commend to turn it off. When I'm grind for enchanted book villagers it creates spam and I can't hear employees I might have at the time
    In favor of both of these quotes! :D
  11. Lats more with option to turn off quotes "Dat ____ doe"
  12. This ____ will make for one exotic omelet.