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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bemvino87, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Today I have noticed an increase in ads on the site... Often when I navigate around a new window or tab will open up taking me to some "Free Minecraft Account!" site, and in the very forum posts keywords are highlighted as ads, such as " bet ". See? I get that ads are a good source of revenue. But now they just feel invasive. Thoughts?
  2. Never happens to me... I do not mind the ads on the site.
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  3. They open extra windows?
    They aren't supposed to do that...
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  4. I am always on the website, it NEVER opens windows for me.
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  5. Exactly, they shouldn't.

    As a question, do they cause other windows when you click on them or when they are just there?
    If you notice which ones are doing it, screenshot them an send to Aikar, I'm fairly positive they should not be causing pop ups like that.
  6. Sounds like you have a browser spyware installed. Run some anti malware/spyware programs to clean it up.

    There are no ads in the post content themselves, so that has to be something on your PC
  7. try getting AVG, its helps me alot
  8. Congratulations, you have Spyware!

    Step 1: Download Avast!
    Step 2: Run a scan
    Step 3: Let it uninstall things!
    Step 4: Profit
    AVG is the worst thing he could download >.>
  9. Alright, thanks :p
  10. There's a free version of avast, it's arguably one of the best free antivirus programs out there.
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  11. I did this to me for a few months... Something gave a virus to my computer from EMC
  12. the 3o day trial? that is what i'm downloading now. because my computer has been having this same problem.. and its ONLY on this website that it does these annoying things. lol
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  13. There's a completely free version, but once that 30 day trial is up, you will get the option to go down to free.
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  14. You don't even need the full version :p
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  15. Sounds like the Bettersurf adware to me, if it is bettersurf you actually have 2 other programs of malware to worry about on top of bettersurf
  16. This is the only site it happens on and only using Firefox
  17. That would be more evidence to support adware installed to your firefox, and it might be smart and target sites only that you frequent often.... for this exact reason: so you suspect the site and not your PC.

    As for avast, you get to register it free for an entire year, and you can just use bogus info. it doesnt verify email.

    So simply once a year fill in the free registeration popup and enjoy a higher quality AV.

    Or, you know, dualboot and only go to windows for non minecraft games =P
  18. yes avast is proving itself to be much better than AVG.
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  19. Yes, my Firefox kept crashing after I updated some of my drivers, so I uninstalled and when I went to reinstall, I got it from a different site than the official Mozilla one without realizing it. I thought I had cancelled the installation, but apparently not :confused:

    Thanks for your help.
  20. mmhmm, step 1 2 3 ? 4...
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