Morality, Religion, Technology; A perspective from

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Is he nuts or what?

He is batshit crazy. 4 vote(s) 40.0%
His sanity is over 9000. 6 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. He has spoken.

    It should be noted that 3D printing of organs is quite complex, and that the plausibility of printing physical organisms is much less feasible compared to growing them in a lab.
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  2. Omg dat title doe... an... ;)
  3. *flips my desk* In my defense, I originally had it as "insight" instead of "perspective", but then changed it last minute to have correct meaning.:p
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  4. What are you guys talking about? :rolleyes:
  5. Idk... they must be batshit crazy. :confused:
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  6. Basically! Me and jk go back years (like 3?), and he would always correct on my English. Looks like the tables have turned :cool:
  7. I didn't always correct it, only when you wrote a paragraph with no "full stops" or commas.:p
  8. There's a bit of a difference between printing a whole freaking person and (almost all of) a whole freaking body. Try 3D printing a brain, see how that works out.

    I applaud for his futurist foresight and critique of the failings of religion due to its prescriptive nature.
  9. *thinks about how fast technology is progressing* Whatever you do, don't make creepers in a 3D printer! I don't want to die!
  10. *thinks about how fast technology is progressing*
    Clone me a new body out of my current one, cut out their brains and put mine in there every time I need a new body! I could be like a Time Lord: just without the huon particles, needing a physical operation that causes health risks, the killing of my 'children', and I keep the same face and body and stuff...
    They could also mix it up every few years and put me in a woman's body. That'd be an interesting social experiment.

    Alternatively just 3D print me a robotic body complete with a nervous system and everything, and I'll be fine. Probably.

    Just as Volt does, I applaud him on his critique of religion :p
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  11. Once technology DOES progress a lot, I will have unlimited alt accounts >: D

    BE PREPARED EMC, YOUR NEXT >: D (jk jk, calm down staff)
  12. I don't think it works like that...
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  13. I must say, even if it were possible, you would need a flipping huge 3d printer.
  14. Having a printed 3D person, made out of plastic or something so reminds me of 'mean girls the movie'....:eek: