Morale for the Empire

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Do you agree to vote for EMC as much as possible?

No¡¡¡ 6 vote(s) 18.2%
Yes!!! 27 vote(s) 81.8%
  1. Seeing I just recently looked at EMC placing on Minestatus, I was slightly disappointed. I read SSF's thread on it and decided to add to it. Seeing we don't get enough votes, we voters need to emphasize to value of voting. First of, you get 50 free rupees for like 20 seconds of your day. The Empire moves up in ranks and we get more members. We create large numbers of members and have more people to hang out with. This will show that EMC is one of the BEST minecraft servers ever to the other servers! We could use the morale at a time like this.
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  2. No kidding.
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  3. Maybe people need more incentive…
  4. More incentive to vote, or to join?
  5. Ideas on incentive?
  6. I don't know if this would cause EMC to lose money, but it would be cool if 1 vote got you 10 credits.
    1 credit would be equivalent to 1¢. 500 credits would buy a month of iron membership, 1000 would buy a month of gold, and 2000 would buy a month of diamond.
    (I know, it takes longer than a month to earn the memberships, but this ensures that EMC still gets money.)
    The number of credits per vote could be adjusted to make sure EMC keeps making money.
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  7. they arent memberships, they are supporter perks, you dont earn it, you receive it for donating to keep the servers open.
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  8. More uses of rupees and higher bonuses using qwerty's credit system?
  9. We should have like an Empire-Con (as suggested in one of my post somewhere) and you can do special things there. I was thinking like we meet people on the game in person there with a bunch of contests. I bet it'd spark some attention into the MC world.

    ......too much? It just popped in my head.
  10. I've thought about that... but a lot of us couldn't go, be it parents, financial issues, etc. Those of us that *could* go would get flamed every time they brought it up. It'd just result in a lot of sad players.
  11. Well first off, we need a better prize for everyone. Like JackBiggin is doing. A drawing. EMC should have a drawing every time you vote. Like once every week.
  12. We want our members to vote on their own with as little incentive as possible. Voting just because you'll get paid or given free whatever is not the way you guys should be looking at this. Because if we focus on merely trying to grease your palms with digital junk, then are we any better than countless numbers of corrupt servers, including Legendarycraft? Because that's what they do, and is likely the only reason they're "#1". I'd rather our server be last on the polls and working together honestly than being first and corrupt with bribery.
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  13. I do not think the payment is a bribe as much as it is a way to pay for the time members spend voting. If there were no reward for voting, even if you had the best server ever, no one would vote.
  14. Yeah, Green's right. I looked at the stuff the wrong way. But still vote for EMC, guys!
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  15. thats not true, otherwise yelp wouldnt exist.
  16. So let's get the presidential candidates to pay you for voting for them, because otherwise no one would ever vote, right?
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  17. Well there is the 50r…
  18. Clarification to my vague poll question. Do you agree to vote for EMC as much as possible. Mods, if you could edit that, that'd be great.
  19. I get your point, but I feel that it is okay to offer 50r as an incentive to vote.
    I am not trying to argue, just stating my point.