Monthly Potato Week!

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  1. Hey guys,

    With the help of PROJECT POTATO, I am now bringing Monthy Potato Week! Basically, the very first 7 days of each month, you can ask for a SC of potatoes, and it shalt be done!

    Pick-up will be available on my smp6 res. (/v Choongjae)
    Question --> Aboveground Teleport --> First house on left --> Inside

    Who seriously would NOT accept free potatoes? :D potato

    This will be pick-up ONLY. No deliveries!
    There will be an extra Potato Week for special occasions, such as my birthday week or so!

    Lucky for you, I now have a google form for this!

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    (This may be better fit in the event forum, but this is a monthly thing, which made me reconsider.)
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  3. i shall have topatoes!
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  4. Can I get my char grilled?
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  5. Can I get a SC please?
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  6. Shalt I set-up a chest full of the delicious, juicy, potatoes for you?

    Chest shalt be set-up shortly.! :D
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  7. a SC would be helpful in supplying my future mall...
    Also here is a picture of a cat hugging a potato:
  8. To make things simpler, and because I want to try this out, I has a form now!

    Potato SC is ready! (actually not ready but will be in 2 minutes after this post)
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  9. *pwnage potato walks in* OMG this guys is sooooo going on itsjerryandharrys youtube :D
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  10. May I get an SC?
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  11. Yush
    Only if you tell me your old identity! >: D jk
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  12. Although this probably won't happen, if somebody for some reason signed the form and all dat potato stuff, if after the week and they didn't pick it up yet, will the SC still be there
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  13. Yup. ^.^
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  14. I'm coming in like 10 min to pick up.
  15. Thx for the potatoes man :D
  16. Gimme potatoes.
  17. Be polite man :p
  18. Can I have a SC of potatoes, raw or (preferably) baked, please. A tip will be 100-1000r.
  19. can i get an SC?
  20. The obvious answer to 2 is brick...
    If your me. o3o
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