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  1. Hey guys

    I haven't been really taking on any serious projects in EMC recently, (except one that is secret for now. ;) ), so I decided to remedy that with Project Potato.

    Project Potato is basically a bunch of semi-automatic farms of, you guessed it.
    These farms are being built on my utopian res, and in its starting stages, I'm simply making sure the infrastructure and functionality will work, and then I'll work on purtifying it after I build the farm. The farm is divided up into "pods" I suppose, and I only have one pod done. So uh, don't expect it to be finished anytime soon! My friend ewils will be helping me out in the project, so yay? (he has an odd obssession with cats, if you didn't know)

    So, meanwhile, stonebrick donations would be much appreciated! :D

  2. How many potatoes will you be cranking out?
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  3. Much calculations
    Much no no
    (hopefully a lot? :D )
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  4. xD Gotta love dem potatoes
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  5. Cool - you should check into getting them ready to be fully automatic with the villager updates coming in. 1.8. They will be able to plant potatoes and carrots.
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  6. Oh my, auto potato farm...YES! :D
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  7. Let me check my storage, I know I have a few stacks somewhere >.>
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  9. yay

    Will definitely consider!

    Now I wish I was a diamond supporter. Placing water is quite an annoyance. -.-
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  10. water?
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  11. oh shhh, ummm... you wouldn't happen to need 8 stacks of stone brick stairs? :p
    I also have some birch logs if you need them.
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  12. Where can I donate stone brick?
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  13. To hydrate the soil. :p
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I may need a few stairs or so, not sure. :p
    I'll set up a hopper at my main res, on smp6. Thanks! (/v Choongjae)
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