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  1. So, any other monstercat fans out there? I can't be alone! XD

    For those that don't know monstercat is a channel of electro/dubstep/dnb music. It's pure awesomeness and one of my favorite songs atm is in my signature.
  2. It has my favourite artists on there, like Noisestorm.
  3. Then came a long real music with singing! Such as pop. Personally pop is the best
  4. You're kidding me?...
    Pop is all about illegal activity, autotuned voice, mainstream songs, and ugly women who think they're sexy.
    Rap is the same, but with ugly men who think they're bosses.
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  5. Go electro!
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  6. Deadmau5, Skrillex, Daft Punk, Krewella, Noisestorm and Approaching Nirvana are my favourites.
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  7. Never heard of Krewella but the rest are awesome. I like Daft Punk, Noisestorm, Madeon, Zedd, The Glitch Mob, and Sudanim best.
  8. Metal anyone?
  9. Electro - Someone plugging in something and its making a noise!
    Metal - Just shouting...
    Dubstep - WTF am I listening too!
  10. You clearly know nothing about metal so I will let that one slide. But just out of curiosity, what kind of music do you listen to?
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  11. Pop, it seems to be the only one that I like, I don't mind some other songs such as some raps (quick note: I DONT LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER OR CONNER MAYNARD!) and I like BVB there are others but I cant remember them all :p
  12. I think SoulPunisher summed it up well. On a side note, I don't know who Conner Maynard is.
  13. You dont want to know...
  14. Well this got off topic quickly! I think I should just get a mod to rename this thread "music discussion" ;)
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  15. The only one who doesn't they're a boss is Eminem, but he's still ugly :p
    Electro - You know nothing.
    Metal - You know nothing.
    Dubstep - You know nothing.

    Electro isn't just plugging something in. I've made alot of electro in the past, and it can take anywhere from a day, to a week, to a month, to maybe even months.
    Here's an example. It's my favourite song at the moment:
  16. Pop - You know nothing. If were playing that game.
  17. I do know pop. When my whole class only liked pop, I was listening to crap like this and I actually liked it, until my dad started playing electro alot more than he already did:

    Also, this is what pop should be:
  18. OMFG! I have been looking for that song! Also its not just about that:

    One of the most inspirational people: