Monday morning minibosses

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should this event be considered?

yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
no 0 vote(s) 0.0%
no, see my post below 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. so If you think about it there are events where minibosses are sort of... left out

    so to make marlix, the nether hound, momo feel special with this event ihope this event will take place

    (and no chins ether JK)
  2. Mob arena but with minibosses? Ummm
  3. I think you should post this in the suggestions forum, not in here. Now you're making it look as if you're organizing something like this yourself while in fact you're not ;)

    As to being left out... It depends really. A lot of events are held in town and there the mini bosses don't really have much to do. I know Simon once summoned Momentus during a fishing event :eek:

    And there are also sporadic death events. I hardly attend those but from what I hear the senior staffers pull out all the stops to help us players die, which I think also includes mini bosses.
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  4. well its just mini bosses I haven't got to the second part of it


    all loot is mailed to me and I use it for a DP in the end

    Yeah that's it really
  5. and you fight the bosses a ss summons them in;)

    also its something LIKE the death event but a few tweaks

    1. all loot is mailed to me for DP
    2. no diff 10 (it will be diff 7)
    3. the last minibosses will be ether be the wither or endrdragon
    4. and last there are no RainbowChins!
  6. Why would it be mailed to you?
    And Monday mourning is probably not the best time cause many people have school.