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  1. I believe we have a Momemtus near our outpost. SMP1 wilderness. He is a very large zombie ill keep an eye on it.
    X= 15775
    Z= -12000
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  2. Careful, the Momentus can be super dangerous.
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  3. Contact a miniboss slaying company?
  4. Lol there is such a thing?
  5. Psh minibosses are easy, all you need is a zombie virus, some basic armor and a half decent sword.
  6. Yeah, there's a thread or two that has people who you can contact on the thread to come take care of your Momentus. For free, I believe, or maybe just its drops. I will try to locate a link...
  7. Pho Phree would be awesome lol! I'll look around the forums, i'm not sure if he de-spawns after a certain time of no one being around
  8. Check if he is still there for me? :)
  9. 1. He is in fact still there.
    2. I think he is stuck in the ground/glitchy but will still inflict serious death! (Don't ask how I know lol)
    3. Lists are cool
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