momentus should only attack groups!!!

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  1. im upset :mad:

    so shelly tells me "ppl have momentus probs, u wanna help?", i think "sure, y not". ill tell u y not!

    draws me in, i cant do nothing! and i also dont have time 2 tell ppl about this, i need 2 get away b4 i get killed and lose my stuff.

    only AFTER my armor almost gone ppl invite and then momie goes down when im totally not there. this is why ppl dont help with this stuff anymore i think. why bother if u only risk losing ur stuff y u cant do anything?!

    its not those ppls fault btw! im upset, not at them!!

    but momie should NOT pull me in when im not part of a group!!

    meh, thx 4 mending, otherwise this would be worse :(
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  2. plus one i hate when that happens :p
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  3. I think that is a awesome suggestion, so yeah +1
  4. hear, hear, +1
  5. I don't know if the coding would allow you not to be drawn in if you're near it. That's the whole point in its abilities to draw you closer.
    I think it should be this way rather than how you suggested it to be.

    My suggestion is that if you can't hurt it when your not part of the group then the boss shouldn't be able to hurt anyone outside of the group. Though the function of drawing in nearby users would still be effective. No way to escape that one, i'm afraid.
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