Momentus on 1.9: I think it's actually /more/ fun!

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  1. Hi gang!

    As some of you may know I've always been sceptic about 1.9. I make no secret about it that I prefer playing on 1.8 (on my private environment) and I also shared some hesitance on fighting the mini-bosses (Momentus in particular) because I wasn't too sure that it would still be fun with the new combat mechanic.

    Now, the mechanic itself is something I don't have a real beef with. It takes getting used to, but it can definitely be fun. No, my main gripe was basically with timing and possible lag. What if I were to strike while the server experienced some lag and my hit wasn't registered?

    And another thing: killing Momentus on 1.8 had a very serious and difficult strategy requirement. I kid you not! => Place bed, set spawn point, click, click, click, click, die, click, die, die, click, die, click, click, click, die click die, b00m, click, click. Of course I have an advantage: my voters gear. Therefore I can continue to attach right after I spawned.

    So today I fought Momentus. Twice. At first I recalled a shaking ground earlier this week (I had saved the coordinates using /loc and F2) so earlier this afternoon I looked around the area and for sure: Momentus was there, and it had actually climbed a tree ;)

    "Those pesky players can never get me up here!"

    I carefully prepared myself and made sure to leave a good gap between his spawn point and mine (my bed location). Also because I anticipated a (small) delay before I could attack again. And just to be sure I fought it on difficulty 5 (default).

    During the first fight I was a little "meh". It was fun but in my first opinion a little bit unbalanced because yeah: when you lose your shield you have less chances of blocking new attacks.

    And that's when I quickly realized how spoiled I had actually become! Here I was "whining" about how I lost my shield while players without voters gear would have dropped everything. Their shield, their weapons and even their armor. Did I already forget how Aya once lost a complete set of armor (we never found it again)? Shame on me! ;)

    So once I had that out of the way I started looking back at the actual battle. Yes; sometimes the timing seemed off (where I thought to have gotten a hit while it didn't register) but there was also more strategy involved.

    And seriously: a swipe attack while you have a few enraged guardians in front of you is actually a very cool and fun way to deal with them, it actually gives you an opening to do more.

    That was the first... This evening I was wandering around in the wastelands and a new Momentus spawned. I (accidentally) remained on difficulty 6, I placed a bed but forgot to use it (so I initially spawned on the outpost) and of course I died which forced me to carefully plan my new attack (darn Momentus pulling you in ;)).

    Seriously: I had fun. Even without a shield there were plenty of opportunities to get some blows in, and I also managed to dodge a few guardians and even defeat a few, without my shield.

    And for sure: timing your attacks actually seemed to make a difference. Carefully setting Momentus up for a sweep attack (swipe? swoop? naah. oh well ;)) had some noticeable results.

    Even more seriously: I'm now actually quite tempted to start a fight with Marlix again later this week. I think that the new mechanics should be able to spice that one up as well, and make the experience much less of a grind. Not sure if that is true, but I'm definitely going to give it a try.

    SO yeah... If you are like me and were also a bit sceptic about fighting Momentus on 1.9 then I honestly suggest to give it a try. It takes getting used to, for sure, but I really think that you might come to like it as well.
  2. I think this is my third time fighting Momentus since we updated. I'm not getting out there looking for him as much since the update.

    This time i backed him into some deep water river and just kept swiping my voters sword. But i did so on level 10 and seeing as i was in the water the whole time. It seemed like a good idea.

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  3. I actually saw 2 under the bridge in the south part of the south outpost on SMP2.
  4. The day after the server updated to 1.9.4, I found 3 momentus in less than 1 hour and I did some trolling to a momentus just for fun. :D

    "Who dares put me in a hole!" yells Momentus.
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