[MOMENTUS] Kill the Momentus in the SMP1 Wild!

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  1. North outpost | x-1125 | x7752

    I'm posting this for jessteriscool, the coords are to her house and she needs help with a Momentus that spawned outside. She doesn't have any good gear so it'd be nice if some people could go kill it for her. And obviously don't grief the house..
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  2. On it!
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  3. Wait, I will be making a 17k block trip out there? ;_;
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  4. sounds like fun :3
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  5. I'll use a different outpost that's closer to the player.
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  6. I'm at x: -1125 and z:7752 and I don't see anything. It's in a jungle biome and i looked around a little. No sign of an outpost or anything.
  7. Now tedrocker and I are going to try a negative z.
  8. nothing there lol
  9. Can you PM me the coords of the base? becauase ted and I are at x: 1125 and z: -7752 and see nothing. We're roaming around to see if we can find the momentus.
  10. W have gone to -z Haro please see if those cords are really correct
  11. Found the beauty. 2014-01-07_14.37.18.png
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  12. Alrighty, after my armor almost being destroyed, we slayed the beast. and left the drops for the members of that base. :)
  13. Me and piggeh fund the right cords and slayed it :D
  14. You guys are heroes ;)
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  15. :p we had so much fun doing it were starting up a business :D