[BUSINESS] Ted and Pig's Mini-Boss Slaying Service!

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  1. Hello EMCers, tedrocker and I, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, are now providing a mini boss slaying service for EMC! Here are most of the detail you'll need to know about:

    Give tedrocker, or xI_LIKE_A_PIGx the three skulls, and 4 soulsand, and then we will go kill the wither for you within 5 minutes. The pay for this job to be completed will be a maximum of 1000 rupees. (Pay ted 500r, and myself 500r).

    These are tad bit more challenging, and will probably cost a lot of money for ted and I to slay a momentus for you. we have to count the expenses of armor loss, golden apples, potions, and travel. But, we came up of a price that will satisfy most of you. The final cost of slaying a momentus will be 5,000 rupees.(2.5k to ted, and 2.5k to me.) But, we only travel out a total of 6,500 blocks to a specific coordinate. Each extra 500 blocks will cost you 250 rupees. Say you have a Momentus 10,000 blocks away from spawn. That'll cost you 10,000 rupees to slay. Unless you have a minecart rail for us to ride to that destination. If you want more info about the price, talk to me in game, or PM me and tedrocker on the website.

    Now, these guys are the hardest to deal with. These will cost 7,500 rupees to slay for you. (3.75k for ted, and 3.75k for me) Same thing applies for the Marlix, we will only go our a total of 6,500 blocks. If we have to go out more than that, it'll cost 600 rupees per 500 blocks. If we have to go out 10,000 blocks that'll cost a grand total of 15,000 rupees to slay. PM me in game, or start a conversation with tedrocker and I.

    We will NOT go out past 10,000 blocks to fight a mini boss.
    We WILL supply our own materials, but we expect pay right after we slay the mini boss.
    We might get backed up, so it might take us a while to slay your mini boss.
    Send us a request for your miniboss by starting a private conversation with tedrocker and I!
    That's all!
  2. Also, you may post questions about the service or anything you think that needs to be changed/added. :)
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  3. Marlix at x:160 z:200 or so.. SMP5 waste
  4. Ok will get roght on that when I see piggeh
  5. Someone else got it before we could. Next time just PM us.
  6. I don't care who gets it :) your thread was the first one i saw relating to mini-bosses. so i posted and went back to farming lol
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  7. Oh, okay. Thanks anyway! :p
  8. Could I join and I get paid only 100r each time? I just have nothing to do on EMC anymore XD
  9. Sorry but this is jut between me and piggeh =D
  10. I find marlix easy to kill.
  11. It's been awhile since ive fought one :p
  12. I got an idea for a marlix trap AKA diamond farm
  13. So do I :p
  14. Yeah, the business is only set between Ted and I. :p
  15. :(