Momentus in Smp5

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by fcando, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Guys I am currently in Smp5 in the frontier, you can check out my location on the live map. Momentus spawned, can you help me take it down? :)
  2. I came out but didn't really come prepared so I died about a million times and lost everything I brought lol

    It was fun though. Good luck to fcando on finding the drops, they may be out there in the jungle somewhere :D
  3. Wayne, I found another
  4. Just saw the "Eerie Presence" notice when I was going back to spawn... I think that's a Marlix.
  5. Incoming! I am still searching the place of the first Momentus, to see if there is any loot left
  6. All the boss's seem to be setting up shop at my base :D I see a few went elsewhere :p
  7. Yeah so far we've seen 2 Momentus and a Marlix but current Marlix is right by spawn in the protected area so we can't kill it :(
  8. and it won't get out...
  9. Aikar should turn on the flags for killing mobs in the spawn areas
  10. Nah, mobs deserve a fair chance of freedom (or despawn?) too ;)

    The next time you guys hunt down a Marlix just think of this one as it laughs at you, flying around being invincible and all. You'll be much more motivated 8)
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  11. I don't think they ever despawn unless you kill them.
  12. Yeah it eventually flew out after a few hours and I killed it... killed it with fire!