Momentus Help!!!

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  1. So my friend decided to go and fight the Momentous that spawned near where we were fighting a couple of other mobs, anyway so i stayed back, got pulled in and then he died and I ran and set my difficulty to 1, so he re spawned and came over to me and i stayed back while he tried to get his items then he died again and the momentous came and attacked me despite I was on difficulty 1 and he should not have attacked unless i was 7+
    So i logged out at 4.5 hearts. I logged back on this morning to find that he hadn't despawned and he attacked me and i logged out at 1.5.

    Would it be possible if either I could be teleported to the town, or have the momentous defeated or something, I was near the North east wasteland outpost.

    Also if anyone would like to take a shot at killing the momentous go ahead be my guest it would help a lot if one of the previous actions does not happen.

    I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

  2. I'll come help :)
    I'm looking around and so far I dont see him.

    EDIT: I think I found him
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  3. Ok Momentus is down you should be good to log on. :)
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  4. LadyJaye, "Momentus Killer" since Apr 13, 2014
  5. Thanks so much for helping. :)
    Will log on once its day on wasteland.