Momentus at a bad time

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  1. I have this base in the wild and I was coming back to town I had only walked about 50 blocks when in the chat the ground shakes! I had to know it was momentus I died a lot but when I killed momentus he dropped 1 zombie head and 4 shiny flesh by that time I had fought him for an hour and a half and I didny get back to town I died and lost my stuff so unless your prepared to fight momentus don't fight him I don't know why but I though I was prepared
  2. Momentus has spawned just outside my wild base too. We use him as a guard :D
  3. I think mini-bosses do not attack unless you swing at them first.
  4. I don't think so SkyDragonv8, i've been attacked by both without warning.
  5. This is newer.
  6. They still attack unprovoked. In the 'play your way' EMC difficulty update that should be released in only a few days from now, you will be able to pick a setting that will protect you from miniboss attacks and also enraged mobs. So, yes, SkyDragon is not out of his mind, but no yet.

    I am writing a detailed post about it today to help staff and players prepare. It's over 1000 lines of new code, so it will be a long post. The update is in the FINAL stages of staff testing, so don't think it's going to be weeks or anything.
  7. momentus is easy mang just punch his butt
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  8. Or shoot him between the legs.
    In minecraft it won't go through, unless aikar messed with minecraft a lot.
    But seriously, shoot him where his minions can't see you but you can see them, shoot the momentus down the. Pick off the enraged zombies at at least 2 block height, with sword or bow. But bows are always essential
  9. My one and only Momentus solo was hilariously lucky. Momentus was stuck in an ocean right next to a cliff. Couldn't climb, couldn't spawn anything, and I was 100+ blocks out in the ocean on a lily pad just sniping it and it couldn't do crap xD
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  11. Ok someone said momentus spawns once per hour is that right?
  12. he spawns once per hour on a server usually in desert riverlands sometimes in plains riverlands
  13. Oh ok because he did spawn in a desert near a ocean he eventually walked to the ocean and it was a pain thers
  14. Lol this has so many views :)