Mojang worker gets mean. [includes rage]

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  1. Put it in a spoiler, mkay? :p
    But anyway I didn't think he would snap like that until I got to the end. :eek:
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  2. Why a spoiler?
  3. The swearing, just for good measure
  4. I did include it into the title.
  5. Oh look, the language seems to have magically disappeared!
  6. What if the extra bit at the end of the title also magically disappeared. Thanks :D
  7. I don't care if he apologized. This isn't the first time he's been unable to restrain himself. His apology was just a string of 'pet me please' comments.

    How does this guy still have a job? From the way he openly talked poo about his customers and co-workers, he shouldn't have a job right now...
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  8. Wow... just wow. Hopes they get brain cancer? Not cool, not cool at all...
  9. I'd fire him, he's easily replaceable.
  10. Don't really care. Seems like the conversation is one sided and that text to him are missing.
    Either way, Don't really care.
    Makes you appreciate the EMC mods and staff a little more, don't it?
  11. Wow he was rude i'm surprised Mojang let him keep his job!
  12. So, Where are all the messages people sent him, was he talking to a wall?
  13. "Die in"? how about you get fired!

    not saying that he shud get brain cancer or anything, i mean, saying that shud be enough to get a mojang worker fired! im just saying that, well, there are probably more ppl qualified for the job than him than there are ppl that have a computer...

    meh, to make a move as unintelligent as that, id assume hes not the brightest (not saying he is, im just saying he probably is, in my opinion). so, i wudnt be surprised if he was talking to a walland the wall probably won the fight, too
  14. The owner of the server only included his messages.
  15. is this MCUI (Minecraft under the influence, similar to DUI(driving under the influence))