Mojang has gone to the dark side...

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Is this a good idea?

Yes. 9 vote(s) 31.0%
No. 10 vote(s) 34.5%
Maybe... 10 vote(s) 34.5%
  1. It seems to be a server hosting service..
  2. I am not the least bit surprised by this news article; but I am surprised at the price tag. Seems a bit steep. But it should be an impressive setup when released. (if they do it correctly)
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  3. $10-$15 /month isn't that expensive for a good server. Many people on EMC already pay that much a month for a very good server.

    What's the harm in Mojang getting a little money, too? They exist to create things for money, after all.
  4. So this is what Minecraft Realms turned into? Interesting...
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  5. When I ran my server, we were paying $1.60/slot.. which with our server load, priced out at ~$30/month. If this Realms service is like the Xbox MP, then at $15/month, $3.75/slot is extremely expensive for a server. The host that I used now charges $1.19/slot.
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  6. Appears to me to be a central location for finding servers. Players (or their parents) would pay to use the service, which would then link them to other "worlds." For example, EMC would probably be listed - along with other, crappier servers :D
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  7. But if you have Minecraft right now, you wont have to pay that RIDICULOUS price. Right?
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  8. i dont think so, from the way i read it
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  9. I am worried that this will give Mojang ideas in the future. It isn't that this idea is completely terrible; it is just that I don't want Mojang to turn into money hungry vampires like EA or Activision.
  10. From what I can gather about this from other sources, Minecraft realms will be an almost MMO style service, with various people's world's (not servers). You will also only be able to join other's worlds strictly by invitation only.
    Check out this for more details
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  11. With well over 10 million on the PC alone, I don't blame them for realising the potential for making money here.
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  12. If it's a server hosting thing, I guess I can understand. If it's going to go backwards of what most games are doing and gonna start charging a monthly fee to play, then *insert whatever you'd like to say here cause I can only think profane things atm.*
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  13. World=Server since like 1.4ish? Whenever it was that they merged single player and multiplayer to streamline the code for easier modding as a precursor to the API update that keeps getting pushed back.. <,<
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  14. When did I mention the code?
    What I meant is that this not strictly a server, where anyone can give the IP and them join, it's a more personal and private world which is invite only.
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  15. As far as I can see, it's just an addition. There's really nothing wrong with adding an optional path to pay for a server, you still get the stuff from every other version, just with a bit of a sprist. I like it, I'd maybe try it. But the price is a bit expensive, I'd definitely try it out if it were cheaper- maybe 4-8 bucks?
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  16. i dont think they will go to pay to play ever f2p is literally storming the market, they might just add in some donator items at most
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  17. Subscription games are "sorta" great
    There will be more updates, more update content, better cars, bigger houses, swimming pools, lovely food, beautiful womans.
    Congrats Mojang, you have made yourself rich, and me poor
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  18. But they aren't removing home-made servers entirely though... Not that I read, anyways? It's already Pay-To-Play anyways.
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  19. ahh sorry for that bit of confusion, im from the old school forgot to factor in the initial investment of the game lol. i meant f2p as in no subscription/paying for updates (like in cod)