Modular expandable oak generator

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  1. I had invented this about a month ago, my 16 wide is at 8425the and i just made a 54 wide at 8232, if anyone would like to buy one, i charge 10k for an 8 wide, 20k for a 16 wide, etc. And i offer technical support in case it breaks due to an update or lag, for free. Pm me if you would like one of these or any of my other redstone designs, thanks!

  2. And for that price i provide materials too ;)
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  3. Wait, so what does it do to be exact? It piles oak trees for easy cutting?
  4. Pictures please?
  5. If you could show me one of these in the working state i might consider....
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  6. Http://

    And i would show you if i could get on, i keep getting read time out errors and then i cant reach server for 40 minutes, i can show you tomorrow
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  7. tomorrow is good, smp4 is bein derpy atm...
  8. sand pushes wood up and into storage and hoppers collect saps and apples, it doesnt take long to fill at all either, maybe 13 or 14 times you lay saps and its full, yielding about 8 or 9 stacks, maybe more, didnt count, but i had almost a row if not more
  9. Will this work for other tree types such as birch or pine?
  10. this design is best for oak due to the proximity of other trees, it will work with birch and jungle, if you leave a 2 gap between them, but pine height requirement is 1 higher, it is lower to prevent large oaks, i use a single thats 1 taller for other types of trees
  11. but i can make you a single one for other types
  12. Oh, if it is just birch and oak id be happy with the outcome, once I see it in action ill most likely have to clear some residence out....
  13. k, i'll get dimensions when i get on tomorrow
  14. Awesome I'd like to see it as well. I had something like this before the changes to bonemeal were made in the redstone update.
  15. Yes..I'd buy one but there is too much waste of bonemeal...I used one before the bonemeal change and it was fantastic
  16. I probably will get one, please remind me in like 2 days. :p. Internet isn't so good right now
  17. Ok, i will buy one. I would like a 12 wide
  18. They will grow naturally if you wait also.
  19. can i get one pelasE?
  20. I would like it in smp7