[MODS PLEASE READ!] CraftWise The Griefer...

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  1. I joined this amazing server last wednesday and have already been griefed roughly around five times on smp3.

    Here is how it started:
    At school, Djozane told me to meet him on smp3 after school. That same day, we mined in his base. But some guy called Craftwise followed us there. He griefed the entire base, robbing chests and alot of furnaces. We moved to an island, south of wilderness spawn.

    This is where we made our own little community. The base got big within just three days, with a mob trap and about seven crop farms.

    And now it's small again.

    Because of Craftwise. On the morning of February 10th, he robbed 250 redstone, a full stack and a half of gold, half a stack of iron, obsidian, a slimeball, and Lapiz Lazuli.

    He did this again on 11th February. This time, he left a freaking note:
    (thanks for the picture, AlexHallon!)

    Mods, can you please do something about this griefer? Thanks!!!
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  2. where as i am truly sorry this happened, a picture of a sign is not exactly proof. We would need a picture of the player actually doing it, or proof in chat of the player admitting it in someway, also, it is more beneficial if you bring these kinds of things up in a private conversation rather than in the open forums.
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  3. We live in different time zones. I would never be online in his morning, because it would be my night! I have been online at the same time as him, but I suspect he is using the live map to wait us out, and then he griefs. I will go into further detail in a private message if you want. Infact I can take you to the base if you would like to see it and the damage he is doing (not very much but it is enough to wind me up)
  4. The best protection against griefing is to become a supporter so you can hide yourself on the live map. I know that many folks will say to only build things you care about in town, but the hard, cold facts are that there are many things you can't build in town. The next best thing is to hide and the only way you can effectively do that is to become a supporter.

    Yeah, I know that money is hard to come buy, but seriously $5 is like one cup of burnt Starbucks coffee, or one lunch at Mickey D's.
  5. lol that's 5$ is 5 set of big fried chicken for me here. :D
  6. You should have locked the enchantment table :) :)
  7. I know we should have. Learn from your mistakes. Everything else but my chest and the enchantment table was locked :p
  8. Spam his user page!!!!
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  9. You have to remember most of the time the signs are a setup, and not the person that actually did it.
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  10. Lol yh do that
  11. I wouldn't do that even he had one. I looked him up on this website the day he griefed us (the day he DEFINITELY did) and he didn't show up. However, on SMP3, at about 9:05 GMT he will ALWAYS login without fail. If I am still on my PC at that time, I will collect everything inside of the base room now on and put into a locked chest.
    I have been dealing with griefers since the alpha days (I am not a new player :p) on multiple servers but none I have ever played have had lockette or some sort of chest protection system on them.
  12. The least I need is you on this post >.< You lit me on fire because I was protecting your stuff. And then you cap spammed me into logging off.
  13. Actually, $5 for me is £3. And it's £15 for a lunch at my nearest Maccies. Lol. But I see your point. I will become an IRON supporter in the next two weeks because it's cheap and meets what I want to do on EMC.
  14. U wer protecting my stuf?
    U stole my shovels and wanted to take my pik and sword!
  15. Yay! You know at one brief point in my life I was a car salesman?
  16. I didn't have your shovels. I only had your pick and sword and I gave them to you.
  17. gamer told me u had my shovels aand u only gave me my sword and pik after a lot of denials and persistence
  18. That was actually my own shovel.
  19. impossible there is only 1 shovel allowed on the server
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