Mods (not moderators)

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Should we have mods (not moderators) in EMC?

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Yesssssssssssss 3 vote(s) 100.0%
No! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. We should have mods in our servers! Like "Timber!" and/or "Finite
    Liquid." Something we can have that won't slow the servers as much. Maybe SDK's Guns! But it can't be so intensive that the EMC servers won't lag so much and become a DERP machine. Come on! It would be epic to just kill each other with guns In special residents like /fun in SMP3. Just think of it, using AK's to kill each other in a tournament with a prize of 200 rupees or so in a fight to the death!
  2. First vote yesssssssssss
  3. Timber would be AWESOMEEEE, SDK's Guns are a client side mod, basically a Texture pack. But they are pretty awesome. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT :p, Timber would make Chopping 2x2 jungle trees no longer a challenge, leaving me without a job.
  4. Mods would be way more fun
  5. Of course it will be awesome :D