Mods and guan28 Having a Blast on Smp2

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by guan28, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. MUHAHAHAHA This Was A Blast

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  2. /ban crazy1080 ismooch maxarias aikar reason: abusing powers
  3. /ban thetruffelhunter Reason: Catching us >.>
  4. LOL.
  5. /report TheTrufflehunter for being able to ban without being staff :p
  6. no he wont
  7. Lol I thats me with the wither skull head
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  8. it is soooo on....

    /ban ismooch for leaving us in a time of need

    now, back on topic.........
  9. /ban Aikar messing up permissions.
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  10. /ban jackbiggin for banning eye-car
  11. /banallthings. Problem solved.

    EDIT: I've just noticed... mods can use invisibility potions it seems... *adds to wealth of trivia*
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  12. /unban all things from server command window

    this shall be interesting...
  13. *unplugs server*
  14. You know 1 mess-up is not the same as "Does it all the time" :p
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  15. Just Sr Staff, I was throwing splash potions at everyone.
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  16. That is not the point :p
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