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  1. like to become a moderator because im seeing bad stuff some times go unnoticed and i want to a constant and honest player so i think id be perfect for the job but i read threads that say "i sent mine in" or "did you get my application"...can someone tell me where to get the application thingy and when and where to send it(i also read the "if we need moderators" thing....)
  2. Asking wont get you it. Fill out the application please.
  3. i sent in an application form and what you do is
    go into member
    click staff
    and then i think somewhere on that page it should say "become staff" yeah just click on that and fill it out
    they might have changed it but i think thats how u get to the form
  4. mrlegitislegit i wasent asking TO get in i was asking how to access the application that GETS u though
  5. thnx eliz....
  6. Oh, sorry about that. :) Also, Justin and JERMY NEVER turn down a application, they just pick new mods when they need them. :)
  7. Researching a bit for stuff like : "moderator application" or anything related would bring you up to this:
  8. The application is here, it is a link in the first post in the thread. :)
  9. LOL i won this one by secconds :p
  10. i think they may need them. I have noticed many people breaking LOTS of rules and of course the reporting thing helps but its only urgent if 4 or more people report and many people just can't be bothered. Lots more people have joined empire minecraft and i think it would help if there was at least 1 new moderator per server. but moderators are awesome. thx to all the moderators who make empire minecraft sooo much better
  11. wow thanks everyone and especially mrlegits post about turn downs....this is why i love empire...again thanks guys!!!!!
  12. # of reports really has nothing to do with rate of it being taken care of.

    if I see an unclaimed flag, I try to process it.

    Be sure to report anything breaking the rules, and we will take care of it.
  13. thanks for the advice aikar....its kind of cool to have the "wilderness town building" legend pots on my thread...thanks everyone
  14. Agreed some more staff is needed especially on smp6 i think because most of the mods/admins have got plots on the older servers so they are on less and im not sure about this but i hardly see admins around gmt time say around 3:30 pm
  15. OK, that explains alot. I sent in my app several weeks ago, and haven't heard anything back about it.
  16. Yeah I think more staff is needed and also I've sent in a application.This is totally not just to get you to pick me.
  17. Firstly, as Jeremy or Justin would say, please do not ask/beg/remind etc. admins about you application, they know it's there and will likely get to it when they feel like it.
    Most of the admins/mods are watching from square, so it won't always matter. Even if you can't see them, they could still be there.
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  18. Actually, no-one will have answer from that Moderator application, only if you get accepted you will know about it :p
    I believe you recieve some kind of PM saying:
    THat's not what happens, i'm just letting my imagination fly a bit :p I believe i will never know how you get into Staff member xD
    Can any mod tell us how? :D