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  1. Hello EMC!

    I am making this thread to discuss and suggest a new idea I've had for the moderator applications on Empire Minecraft. I've seen and filled out the current moderator application that Empire Minecraft offers. I was thinking that, instead of what we have now, we have a forum section for moderator applications. It is like that on a couple other servers that I play on, and it works great. That way you can also hear back from a staff member, instead of the response remaining a mystery. It also keep things very neat and orderly.

    Thank you!
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  2. And then players can see your application? Nope .-.
  3. This would not work, because people would constantly spam the thread and the mods to respond to them/To ask if teh mods read their post, plus fights would break out over who would be a better moderator or people would say "That person did thsi so dont make him a mod" and that kind of thing, i too have seen this on other servers, but for EMC i think we should stick to how we do it now.
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  4. That too :p
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  5. Can everyone see the application and comment on it? Because if that's the case i think its a bad idea as people will often criticize people because they don't like them or they aren't well known enough. Its not about who is the most liked its about who can do the job the best.
  6. I think a few things about it being a form with just an automated reply is better.

    Firstly, it keeps things nice and private - which is always a good thing in terms of this sorta stuff. Some people might not like to be on show that they want to be staff, for example, as they might be worried about their friends disagreeing with them. Another thing is that community members could effectively troll an applicant if they didn't like them.

    Another thing is that a no currently could one day turn into a yes. I don't have a clue if it's ever happened on EMC, but imagine if IcecreamCow (as an example) didn't seem to have the right traits to be staff at one point, then new info came to light, meaning that he had more potential.

    I think mods need patience too... if you don't get a reply, then it tests that you're patient. :p

    And finally, is there any need to change a working system?
  7. Ive never even seen a mod application b4 :|
  8. And the mod application has sensitive information on it such as your age and timezone. Some people would probably not like to display that information publicly.
  9. Mod application threads are locked threads, therefore, disabling comments.
  10. I fail to see the problem here. They have this format on practically every other server I know of.
  11. It already says your age on your profile, so it's already public. If the staff really considers you, then you can message them your Time Zone.
  12. People seem not to like this idea. I just thought it might be nice because it works great on my server, for all the players who apply for staff. It also works on lots of other servers that I am staff on. We never have any problems, so I thought why not give it a shot on EMC? But BOY was it shot down!
  13. There are already moderator applications. I don't remember how to get to them, but the staff have already made some.
  14. Click Forums, then click Empire News, then click EMC Staff Application (It's currently outdated), but we already have a staff application, and it feels more private/secure to the players submitting the application. We don't have any plans to currently change it, but thank you for your suggestion. It's not a bad idea, but we already have a system, and it works very well. :)
  15. Actually, you can hide it with a setting, so it doesn't have to be public.
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  16. Exactly, don't fix it if its not broken.
  17. I'd like to add that that because EMC doesn't do it like most other servers, our staff are picked quite literally to perfection. Same goes for some of our other features. :)
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  18. I think that the system we have now works perfectly and it should not be changed since it already works. And if there was a mod application section on the forums then it could easily turn into a popularity contest. Even if people can't comment on the thread people can still SEE it and those things should be private because some people not might agree with the reasons they are being chosen and if they are chosen then people could easily start arguments in and out of game about why they shouldn't/should have been chosen. It could turn chaotic very easily.
  19. *Cough* Some People Are Younger that 13*Cough*
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  20. I like this idea, it helps people who don't know where to look, I think that everyone should be able to post a thread but only them and the people who pick should be able to see it.
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