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  1. I think we need more mods to be active on SMP2 most of the time i only ever see them on smp1, with the exception of few occassions i NEVER see mods on smp2, Crazy1080 and The_drifter92 are the only ones i ever see on a regular-ish basis and i see them less and less every day some days i go without seeing a mod for 3 days, and i play 8-12 of smp2 a day! Tell me what you guys think cuz its gotten to the point i turn off /ch g because i HATE seeing all the all caps and swering and bickering. And most the time if a mod is on, they're AFK
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  2. Turning off the global channel, or using /ch ignore <playername>, are really the most effective and immediately available solutions for individual players.

    Unfortunately, no matter how many moderators we have there will always be times when there is either no moderator online or the moderators there don't happen to be paying attention to the chat at that moment.

    Trust me, I feel your pain. The /ch ignore option is at your disposal. By all means, use it. :)
  3. I do alot xD But then i miss out on helping people who actually need it S: its a double-edged sword turning off chat.
  4. i am on all servers (especially smp2) around 2 to 12 hours a day. i already put this on my mod app. i warn people when they use foul language and use caps. i can help take care of it xxbownzxx666 :)
  5. try to get screen caps of people, then we can just log on and ban them, smp2 has fallen short, but we have added a couple of mods and maybe we can push some on smp2, but now smp4 is coming out, so we have even more modding to do. Its not that we dont want to help there, i pop in every once in awhile, but you tend to stick with the server you "grew up with" so i will personally try to spend more time there myself to help out.
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  6. Guys, I am sure with the release of smp4 and all, new moderators will be appointed. Jeremy once said
    So fear not, more will be appointed :) And Jeremy only appoints the best people for the job, it is the reason there aren't that many. Good candidates are probably scarce and far between.
  7. Lol hint at what?
  8. oh nothing bro,
    it is important to note....that i am .... j/k'ing... lolz x3 =P
  9. Lol Just say the hidden text now :p

    But no... in all seriousness, what you have pointed out is not at all the way I intended for my post to come across to people. If this is the way it came across sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just wanted to clear up any confusion that people might have :)
  10. I would apply to be a mod, but I'm never sure when I'll be on and I am relatively new to the server. Besides this, I enjoy Minecraft. I play to play, but I'd love to help. I may apply in the future.
  11. Hey there, thanx for sharing your views, they are appreciated :)
    As dark_liz mentioned, you can always use the ignore command, or take a screenshot and start a private conversation with a staff member on the website and we will take action. I will make a consious effort to spend a bit more time on smp2. If there is no mod on your server and an issue needs to be addressed, you can type /who smp# (where # is a server number) to see who is on the other servers, and come get one of us mods to come to smp2. I understand you are not a supporter, so maybe ask a supporter to come get one of us because they can login with out hassles :)
    This isnt a solution by any means, but eventually we will have enough staff to hopefully have a mod on each server at all times.
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  12. Good on you for realising that you are a new player, modesty is one of the traits all moderators should have.

  13. Thanks. I like your cube, by the way.

    In all honesty, I don't know if I would be a good mod. I am currently 15, and turning 16 in two weeks. I haven't had many positions of leadership over the course of my life. I'd love to see, but maybe not yet. Maybe in 6-9 months, or sooner if there is need.
  14. Oh thanks, yea its taking longer than expected, but should be done by mid Jan :)
  15. We do our best here, but as ISMOOCH pointed out, we tend to stick to a server we are comfortable with. Currently I stick to smp1 for my work on my Glass Shelf project as that is where I and my "Project Staff" spend our time both working and chatting. I do pop in from time to time on smp3 to do a random Chicken Drop but I never know when I will do it or how much time I will spend on it. :)
    Usually I just /v random and spawn chickens until I am satisfied, which may or may not be multiple chickens....
    smp2 is neglected by me, currently, because I have no project in mind. I am working out some rough ideas, but I feel smp4 will get more attention than smp2 currently... I have a plan for an amazing "underwater" residence :)
  16. You can report people who break the rules, and you can /ignore them :)
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  17. I see decent moderation on smp2. I dont thinks mpds should have to police every server. I do feel as if the mod position should be focused on the applicants "home". Owning an MC classic server for a while i can say that it can be a pain. But in the end, even though u can never get 100% of the foul people but getting most of them well make it a better place for all.

    Us taking screen shots of offenders will help the mods a lot as well!
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  18. For me to check all servers for an extended period of time, I will need something to occupy myself with whilst I am there. If I do not have a project to focus on, I will become "AFK" as you say. Really, I would be reading news feeds, checking emails, playing Minicraft, etc. instead of monitoring chat that wouldn't apply to me if I were not involved in the conversation or looking to buy/sell items, etc... You must understand also, my presence will make the players who are being rude cease their actions and I would not be able to prevent it. This is why we depend on our community members to take a moment out of their "busy lives" and push F3 or command+shift+3 and then come to the forums, begin a conversation with a member of the staff to report, with proof, the claim against the offender.

    I am not paid in cash to moderate these servers. I am a volunteer community member who started out just like everyone else here. I was looking for a NO PVP server with a good community to dip my toe into the waters of SMP Minecraft. I fell in love immediately and I wanted this community to thrive, therefore I began reporting rule breakers to Jeremy, Liz and AusQB as they were the only staff for reporting things to at the time. They existed solely on smp1, when smp1 was the only server... I have a strong connection to smp1 as it is my original home, the site of my largest project and the place where I am best known to members of this community.

    I am known as "The nice Mod" on smp1... This comes from me being respectful, cheery, helpful and strict when it counts. I do not have this on any other server as I can not put forth as much effort into getting to know the members of other servers because I do not currently have other projects in mind. smp1 is my primary residence. smp3 houses my barn. smp2 has been neglected by me so far because 1) I do not have a project in mind and 2) Malicaii12 and shaunwhite1982 usually default there when they see me come online to smp1, unless we are having a discussion/working on my Glass Shelf project together.

    We do all peek in on Utopia from time to time together, to chat with our Diamond Supporters.
    As well, I do a gauntlet through all 4 servers at least 1 time a night. Usually I pop in, say hi, wait for complaints, and leave within 5 minutes if nothing of importance is brought to my attention.

    Bottom line, you can take screen shots, post them in a private message, and go about your business by using /ignore [player]... You do not need to start threads to criticize the staff based on opinions you hold.
    We value our players and their feedback, but this could have been brought to our attention privately.

    Thank you, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear from a community member. :)
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  19. Also I would like to add something that I have realised; most if not all moderators have an improved chat mod of some sort installed! If you guys see that the moderator(s) online do not react to someones misbehaviour in chat, just let them know privately ingame about it and they will be able to scroll through the history and then take appropriate action. :)