Modded Random Screenshots Thread

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  1. This thread is like the random screenshot thread, but only add your modded Minecraft experience.
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  2. I just installed some mods for 1.8, so I decided to play EMC with them on. I took some screenshots of players with this, and here's the imgur album:
  3. So I guess this modded minecraft thread means also outside of Vanilla MC Client too then.

    So I guess with that in mind I will post a few pictures of what I've been up to.

    The picture below is my Matrix Laser Fusion Reactor. It generates oodles of power but not by itself. It requires 4 things to start this up (besides the blocks to build it). It requires 2 gases (Tritium and Deuterium), 1 Hohraum Gas of D-T Mix Gas and 1 Burst of 5 GigaJoule Energy Build up from the Laser Array. 1 GigaJoule being = to 400,000,000 RF (Redstone Flux) which is the primary power source for everything else in the mod pack. This reactor can produce some 2.5m million RF a tick (18 ticks in 1 real second):

    This next picture is the Induction Matrix Power Storage Cell (Literally the name of this) with a RFTools Power Monitor on the front for easy visual display. The Induction Cell is composed of 7 Ultimate Matrix Induction Cells and 1 Ultimate Induction Provider. Its actually a small storage cell compared to the other sizes this one can go up to. In this size of sell, I can store nearly 1,500,000,000,000 or 1.432 Trillion RF. This is the only known Power Storage which can withhold the energy output of a Fusion Reactor Reaction. Its hooked up using Cryo Fluxducts which is the best energy cable on the pack to withhold the entire output of the reactor and transfer it to the Cell. The other side of the cell has an output which powers basically everything in my Mountain Base.

    This Room is a Work in Progress. Its the ME Storage Room with its crafting processors and Assemblers. Basically what operates the entire facility.

    This is the bridge to get into the mountain base as there are no other walkable ways in (Unless you use a jetpack):

    3 more Mountains full of side bases which are still under construction which also will include living spaces for others:

    The stairway into the Living Quarters Mountain:

    This is the Solar Evaporation Plant and Tritium Production. Basically 6 of the 7 Towers produce Brine which is composed of water being pumped into the towers and salinating off into brine with heat. The Brine then gets transported to the last further most left tower in the picture which turns it into liquid lithium which is then heated up and turned into a gas which goes into 2 things; Chemical Crystalizer which gets me Lithium Dust used to create the induction matrixes or goes into the Solar Neutron Activators which turn the Gas into Tritium Gas, a valuable gas used to ignite a power reaction!

    This next picture shows 2 things: On the right is a HDPE Pellet Factory. Automated and upgraded to full capacities. HDPE is a critical component in making Solar Neutron A.'s and Glow Panels. The process is as such. Water pumped into a Electrolytic Separator, which gives me hydrogen gas and oxygen. Oxygen is pumped into a side storage and the Hydrogen is pumped into the next machine with Water and a imported material waste biofuel to give me Ethylene Liquid. The Ethylene Liquid is then made into a Gas and put into the next process with Oxygen and Substrate which is a byproduct of the second step. Then the chemicals mix and infuse with the material and gives me HDPE Pellets. The second thing on the left is the Heavy Water to Deuterium Production. From below is a water main that is sucked up into both the Brine Towers and the Heavy Water Distillery. The Heavy Water is then processed into Oxygen and Deuterium. The Deuterium is then used in the Reaction and the Production of D-T Hohraum Injection Cells which takes Tritium as well to produce.

    This is just a work station, working on getting everything automated on command from the ME Control Center at the far right back of the room with the screens:

    If some people are against advanced technology making power, here is a small secondary source of power. Biodiesel. 2 Automated farms sped up with Time Blocks and automatically harvested and materials transported to the Fermenter and Squeezer aka Ethanol and Plant Oil. Which then are tesseracted to the Refinery to get Biodiesel and then tesseracted again to the machine just out of site which turns that into power and fed into the electrical grid.

    One thing I didn't show is the Mob Farm, Basically hooked up and ran by a Computer that I can wirelessly access from a pocket computer and I tell it what to farm and can turn it on n off remotely.
  4. that' mod sauce yeah?

    also, here's a really nice early-game power setup I've discovered. If agricraft is installed, max out crops (preferably potatoes, I used bread because I'm a clown) to 10/10/10 and stick a harvester on that sucker. Smelt it in a redstone furnace and it produces something like 21000 rf/potato in a culinary generator. Good stuff

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  5. Its Modsauce 2 lol. A good source of power besides a culinary generator, are renewable constant sources such as wind power, or watermills from various mods. Also from Ender IO, If you have a zombie farm, build a zombie generator and it creates power from Flesh. Just have a vacuum chest suck up the drops and pipe them to the generator for constant power, should get you a lot for basic power. Do you have extra utilities installed?
  6. One word, damn. that is to Roslyn, my quoting got messed up.
  7. This mod sauce is a different game? Looks interesting...
  8. its a delight to all senses to be sure
  9. In the works of another big modded MC project - So bumping this thread for future anticipation.
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  10. Modded Adventures continue!

    Expect big post sometime within 2 weeks. Lots of pictures
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  11. Doesn't getting that much energy require selling your soul, though?
  12. If you're referring to my last post, no. Its a immersive engineering experiment. Below is where the real power is made but that snippet there is run entirely off those water wheels and the wind mills. If you're talking about the older picture which shows the power cell and marble base. Yes, you do have to indeed sell your soul to time itself as it is no easy task to accomplish that. Im in the works of building another super base to surpass the last one in the previous pictures.