(MOD REQUEST) Tekkit Modpack

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  1. Hey everyone I'm here to request a very awesom mod pack for EMC. This mod pack is fantastic, what it does is add a spectacular amount of objects into the game, but the problem I think. Is of the cheat
    Mode and the fact that it's only in 1.2.5 :( but when it comes out for 1 .3.2 please consider it , but ban like certain things like Energy energy condensers. That's pretty much it, I'm on my iPod so the link may not be right.
  2. My apologies, I havnt seen that thread yet.
  3. It's okay, but that thread should be stickied or something. Anyway, this thread should be deleted, since everything is resolved.
  4. I
    Its okay, we all make mistakes. Its just human nature.
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