(Mod please read) Invisible Enemy Kills me?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by thewizar2342, Nov 23, 2012.


Should I get my stuff back?

Yes 7 vote(s) 31.8%
No 15 vote(s) 68.2%
  1. Can you help me? I was in the nether and i had tons of really valuable stuff and i was killed by an invisible enemy. Yes, I did check my food and it was almost full. I could think of any thing else because i wasn't on fire I did check and i had almost full food. Please help if you can. Sorry if i shouldn't be posting this here but i don't know where to put it. If i lost my stuff i under stand I just had many good things like enchanted swords and diamond armor, and a wither skull.
  2. Please ignore the casting things i know i shouldn't get my stuff back
  3. Skeletons are now in the nether, you could be shot by one of those.
  4. None near by i fell into a 2x2 hole :/ only 3 blocks down though it acted like i was bieng hit by a zombie pigman same amount of damage and everything.
  5. I've never been killed by an invisible enemy, though I have been pushed by something while in the nether and had my path blocked. Not sure you can get your stuff back, sorry :(
  6. yea i know i just wanted to know if maybe it was a glitch or something
  7. Here are the last 4 deaths for your account thewizar2342, hope it helps. :)

    4 minutes ago - thewizar2342 was slain by Skeleton
    32 minutes ago - thewizar2342 was slain by Blaze
    39 minutes ago - thewizar2342 was slain by Zombie Pigman
    41 minutes ago - thewizar2342 was slain by Zombie Pigman
  8. Alright 4 min ago i wasnt on minecraft 32 is me getting there to try and get my stuff back.... uh i guess the zombie pig man was gliching out because it was far away when i was hitting it oh well thanks shaun
  9. Times able to be changed for shaun.
  10. Well I think you shouldn't have made this thread as you could have easily got all your stuff back with your free emeralds and your diamond house. Not to mention you're a Diamond supporter.
  11. maybe you were being killed by a zombie pig man lol
  12. whoa
    and iamsaj i lost all my diamonds... did you really have to be mean about it also my friend broke everything so i dont get free emeralds.... it was over 10k worth of stuff
  13. Potion of invisibility lol
  14. Invisibility potions don't work!
  15. Theyre wither skeletons. They only spawn in nether fortresses. And they set stuff on fire.
  16. I wasn't mean about it, I saw your signatures.... and don't try to make me feel guilty about your friend screwing you over, if someone griefs you it's only the owner's fault. Good luck with getting your stuff back then.
  17. I was with TheWizar2342 at the time he got killed and there was nothing around him and the closest pigman near him was 50 blocks away