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Good Idea or Bad Idea

Good 13 vote(s) 81.3%
Bad 3 vote(s) 18.8%
  1. Dont know if someone has thought of something like this before so i'm going to say it. I think it would be cool if we had a mod of the month. Before you go all saying this is stupid READ THIS:

    How It Would Work: When a mod helps a player the player could do /ModVote (PlayerName) this would give a mod one point. A mod can view their points by typing /ViewPoints. A player can view a mods current points by typing the same /ViewPoints command except with the mods name after the /ViewPoints. There would be a special category under members specifically for the past 12 mod of the month's. There could even be a reward for the mod that won it maybe. Now you may be thinking "Why not just vote for a mod 1000 times?". I have thought of a counter for this. There would be a 30 minute cool down for the command. Known mod alts would not be allowed to vote for themselves. If you have any questions feel free to make a post. Good day and always remember to follow your dreams.
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  2. As nice as this sounds, I'm going to have to tell you that this is a bad idea.. Favoritism between members for "popular" mods would affect the votes too much (but then again, we're ALL very popular, except JustinGuy, he's a unicorn).

    Anywho, we ALL work together, and we talk in a staff channel when ever we decide on certain things.. Doing something like this is unfair, because when one of us does something, credit goes to ALL of us, basically. So, all those cool technical things Aikar is doing atm.. The rest of us get credit for that too, because we input ideas and thoughts into it. That's how our staff team works, because we're a TEAM. :D
  3. i like the idea
  4. Except for stuff I do.. thats just me. j/k
  5. I vote AusQB and GameKribJeremy!!!

    Lol, jk they're not moderators anymore but still we all miss them :p
  6. Now for the big guys
  7. You guys are great for wanting to do something like this, but I'm with Max on this one.
  8. For Xxandster's Knowledge Its IcecreamCow
  9. How do i do it then?
  10. I'm sorry to break this to you but GameKribJeremy is IcecreamCow...

    Jk lol
  11. If this idea was brought forward poor Aikar would feel left out. Nobody would vote for him because he just loves ruining the economy.
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  12. I don't know any mods. Other than iSMOOCH, he seems to be the only one :( Oh and I have made contact with IcC? Maxarias and Shaunwhite1982 via PM about res'. But iSMOOCH looks cool :) Go iSMOOCH!

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  13. Aikar would hate me for all the work he would have to do with EMC's legendary code.
  14. Check this out
  15. I saw it when I joined. But I have only meet 1 mod, its fine having a picture of someone but have you meet them? I keep doing them phrase things :p
  16. I've met mabey 2.
  17. justin is a unicorn?!?!? :O
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  18. But i thought i was the only unicorn?
  19. well it looks like there is more of your kind!! :D