Mod help needed

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  1. I've been using Optifine because it helps me not lag as much. Recently, I started using Liteloader because of the auto crafting and chunk border mods it supports. Here's where I need assistance: Liteloader says it can work with Optifine but I don't know how to combine the two. I have an Optifine profile & a Liteloader profile but not sure how to set it up to run both mods. I'm basically computer illiterate so feel free to explain it like you are teaching a 6 yr old ;).
  2. Put OptiFine (the installer) into the mods folder, which should be located somewhere in %appdata%\roaming\.minecraft :)
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  3. I believe that is where both the Optifine and lite loader reside, I'll double check. Is there a way to tell that Optifibe is running (I usually just used it for performance). I know when Liteloader is running because of the other mods I have installed that utilize it.
  4. Here's what my mods folder looks like.

    I've also noticed that my version of OptiFine is 1.8, so you may have to put a 1.8 version of OptiFine in the mods folder.