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  1. Ok, so i've REALLY wanted the bookz mod for a while now, but no matter what i do, i can't get it to work!
    I've upgraded Forge, i've forced updates, i've re-downloaded the mod it's self, but NOTHING works!
    Please help, i'm PULLING my hair out! D:
  2. Did you just take the three class files and put them into minecraft.jar?
  3. *two
    And yes, i have done that.
  4. I just downloaded the latest 'Bookz' mod and put the files into jar. Started minecraft then opened up a book & quill and was able to edit books using this mod.

    P.S. There should have been 3 class files to place in the .jar
  5. Looks like there's your problem.
  6. No its three. Open the PUT INTO MINECRAFT folder and move the three class files to minecraft jar. Don't use the TOOLS folder because there are no directions for it.
  7. I only have two:
  8. Answer:
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  9. Can i have a link that gives me three folders instead of two?
  10. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1449254-096151-bookz-still-the-best-book-editor/
    The Recommended download link is the one with three files. (They should all have it, anyway.) In case there's some confusion in what the three files are, they're ayr.class, MCBZ.class, and GenerateSignatureScreen.class, all of which are in the PUT IN MINECRAFT.JAR folder.
  11. I think part of the problem is confusion between folders and files. There are two folders: "PUT IN MINECRAFT" and "TOOLS". In the "PUT IN MINECRAFT" folder, you will find the three class files you need.
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  12. There has been a bug with books lately. Check the Wiki
  13. When installing the Bookz mod you need to open the archive and then open the "PUT IN MINECRAFT JAR" then all files in there need to be copied into your "minecraft.jar" found in "%appdata%/.minecraft/bin" Ignore the "TOOLS" folder during the installation as it is an add-on which let's you type books and then implement them into the game using word and such.
  14. Ok, i've already got it installed and working.
    Thanks for your help :)
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