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  1. First of all, I am basically computer illiterate and I hate trying to navigate through windows 10. I managed to find my way to the .Minecraft file and the mods file.

    I'm trying to install the HUD display mods from the approved mods list. I downloaded bspkr's core, armor status hud, effects hud, directional hud, and Forge (said it was required). I dropped all 5 files in the mods folder & nothing happened. Game runs exactly as before. I do have Liteloader and Optifine installed. Do I need to remove the Liteloader & Optifine files, or is there something else I'm doing wrong? Should these mods all be put into the Forge file, or somewhere else, or just kept as seperate files under Mods?

    Some guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. This is what happened to me when I was trying to install a mod on my other account. The ReplayMod i installed forge and all the other stuff and put it in mod files and it didnt work now forge keeps crahsing :/ I am using windows 10 to. It might just be windows 10 or were both doing something wrong
  3. You have to be really careful to make sure that the versions of all your mods are compatible. I would take a look at the documentation for those first then, after I am sure of what version of each I need, go back to unmodified Minecraft and add mods in one at a time. Test Minecraft after each change to see where the problem occurs.
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  4. Did you change the profile to 1.8 Forge?:

    and do you get this?
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  5. No, I'll try that when I get home.
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  6. Yeah because if you don't get the screen with it loading the mods then you have done something wrong, and make sure that all of the mod are the same version, they would probably be 1.8.
  7. Well when I had it, it just said Forge not Forge 1.8 and the screen did turn up like that but the mod wasnt there and i did put it in the file and the 2nd time I tryed touse forge it didnt work it just kept crashing :/
  8. What mod are you trying to use?
  9. I was trying to use the ReplayMod
  10. It works for me and i have windows 10, i would recommend that you watch multiple videos to check that you are installing forge correctly, and you are installing the Replay mod correctly
  11. Double click the Forge .jar , it will install Forge into your minecraft folder.

    Place Optifine, bspkr's core, armor status hud, effects hud, directional hud into the 'Mods' folder in .minecraft.
    (You wont need liteloader, unless a mod specifically asked for it)

    Open launcher, Bottom left should already say 'Forge' profile now.
    Click launch, and it should run fine.
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  12. I have watched 2 different videos :/
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  13. Thanks! This is what I need... Specific instructions! I was using Liteloader for an auto crafting mod and a chunk boarders mod. I can remove them if not compatable. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Ok, I got Forge installed. It opens and runs, but apparently the armor hud mod is just 1.8 & Forge is 1.8.9. And it gives me a message on starting the game that the armor hid is 1.8 & the game freezes. I went back and found a 1.8 version of Forge, loaded that & changed to it's profile... Then the game just crashes on startup. Is anyone using a armor status HUD on EMC who might be able to help?
  15. I know samsimx used it in the past, however whether or not he still continues to I don't know. It's worth asking, right ? Sorry I can be of much help, modifications aren't really my thing!

    Here's what I am referring to, of course it's from awhile back and all, but it's all I can think of. ;)
  16. You did everything correctly, just the mods you are trying to install arn't 1.8.9 compatible. I just tried it myself, and couldn't find a 1.8.9 version.

    My best suggestion would be to find an armourHUD that is compatible, made by a different developer.
  17. Good to know I'm not a total idiot. I was thinking I'd try the 5zip one off the approved mods list. It's not quite as aesthetically pleasing, but would function for the purpose I need.
  18. My Armour HUD works completely fine in 1.8
  19. You need to download the forge 1.8 version.