Mobs In Town For A Day?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. I had that idea a while ago, do you think it would be good? Think of it, zombie apocalypse in Town! :p
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  2. Ok, back to the qustion....... Why should we have mobs in town, to give free rotten flesh to everyone?
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  3. If you have proper evidence, any Moderator will take time to sift through it. We require either someone admitting to it, screenshots of the griefing, or actual video proof of it happening. If dudeface accuses apple of busting down his door, then tearing all his walls down, we can't just go ban apple based off of what dudeface said.. Because dudeface could be lying, and trying to get apple in trouble.
    That is why we require actual evidence like screenshots/video footage, so we KNOW we're banning the right person, for all the right reasons. If Green_Mystery was unable to help you, that is because you did not have enough evidence. If getting a tempban from a Moderator is all it takes to annoy you, well.. Good luck in life.
  4. What are you on about?

    I wasnt reporting someone green banned me for appranetly bumping old thread and talking about peoples sigs

    Write in white its easyer to read
  5. You were complaining about him spending more time on his sisters grief than yours. And her text color is just fine, it doesnt hurt at all the read it.
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  6. First calling G_M annoying and now being rude to Max? Someone's sure headed for another temp ban. If you want to whine about bumping old threads, whine about the ones people bump from 6months ago. I posted in the art thread the other day and it had been two months since anyone had posted and noticed you doing it there too.

    If you want mobs go to the wild. Better yet, if you want to live on your res with mobs, use world downloader and then play on Easy in single player.
  7. Don't hijack the thread. If you want to appeal a ban start a conversation with one of the mods, they will tell you who banned you. According to /p you were perma banned for griefing. Not sure if you can be un-banned for that.
  8. well did not do it
  9. That doesnt matter to us. Take your case to the mods, posting here, after we told you how to do it right, just proves you dont know how to follow the rules.
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  10. I'm sorry, where's your proof? And please stop hijacking this thread.
    EDIT: You're calling jk a loser? Haha, best joke of the day. You are fairly new. I get that. But its not nice to call people a loser
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  11. The "Sell your diamonds to me! Sell one for 42r at 11195 on SMP5! Sell as much as you want!" Is his signature dude. I end up accidentally reading it as part of his posts too. Stop being a jerk.
  12. *Spams like button*
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  13. Lol im going to change the color when i get home:) I thought the size difference was enough!:)
    When you appeal (if you appeal), they will likely look through your chat history and post history, and that post wont help your case:)
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  14. jk isnt a loser we have our fall outs but he isnt, he is gold show respect to him and i hope you dont get unbanned!
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  15. This song is quite dramatic, but I'm bad at writing words...
    (This song is intense!)
    For those of you who don't know, this is The dramatic song!
  16. Nope.
  17. And iron.
    I like iron.
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  18. That would be great for you wouldn't it??
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  19. How is this?:)
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  20. Yes that would. You've been to my res before.