Mobs In Town For A Day?

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  1. Title says it. Should we??

    Mod/Admin Please Comment And Public Disscussion!!
  2. Now exactly why?
  3. Ahaha nah. Reason? What's the point? Creepers will blow the place up.
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  4. The April fools joke is as far as I think this kind of thing should go. Actual mobs = chaos and destruction...
    (and easy XP grinding)
  5. would be cool though? just to see what would happen like go into adventure mode with 1.3 so you build/destroy then rollback any damage?
  6. Use the world downloader mod and walk around for a while and then try living on your lot with mobs and stuff... man I tried it ,
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  7. How about no
  8. Do I hear a call for the overused meme!?

  9. Yes. I'm so indie.
  11. Try the nether... More intense!
  12. i like the idea but it would be very... explosive... maybe make them false mobs, where they just spawn and stay where they are and cant do anything and you can walk right through them? idk an idea but would never happen.
  13. Maybe spawning zombies in Halloween, at smp1's cemetery... :p
  14. You bumped a old thread!
  15. What's wrong?
  16. im going to get loads of people view it then go on saying no no no!
  17. Ok, no more posts.
  18. not my fault green_mystery is just annoying

    EDIT: Also i got the message that people dont want this so then he bumps it now im going to deal with the alerts!
  19. well thats mean.
    but the zombie idea would be good if they contained them in :p just set a few spawners down, seal in the area with iron bars and then they have a zombie apocalypse contained in the grave yard!