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  1. Hey Empire, so a few days ago I found this awesome game called Battle Camp! :p
    The game describes itself as "Pokemon and WoW put together". Pokemon, maybe yeah but I don't really see the WoW aspect

    Easier to explain by pictures,

    That's what the battles look like. You match up the symbols on the bottom screen to make your monsters attack. Your monsters are on the top, above the symbols.

    You start with 5 monsters, one for every element (leaf, wind, fire, water, rock). But it's really easy to get new ones

    The monster upgrade and info thing is pretty simple in my opinion. There's different levels of rarity. From Common to Epic, rares and such are fairly easy to get with a little bit of work, I have 3 already :p

    The monsters look unique in their own ways, there's wayyy to many for me to show, but these are a few of my favourites I have so far

    You can evolve your monsters, so for example

    turns into

    The Tutorial is really informative, I know most things about the game after it. The game will keep giving you extra little hints, but they're good hints!

    It's practically all multiplayer, with PvP, events, clans and a friend system (with gifting and messages/inbox) so pretty decent in my opinion

    It's on Android and iPhone for free! It has micro-transactions/in-app purchases but honestly they're not needed at all. The only downsides of Battle Camp is you have to be connected to the internet to play it and to access some features you have to connect to Facebook. Honestly, I don't use Facebook at all, and I don't want to start using it again. But I have just made an account simply for Battle Camp and to gift other Battle Campers
    It does cost 'energy' to do things, as it does in most mobile games and such. But really, at the start you level up decently enough for it to refill for you without a problem, and after that the automatic refill is a few minutes, so not too long

    If you decide to play and if you like it, if it asks for a refferal code please use c68fzp to help me out. Message me for Facebook, I don't want randomers adding me :p

    Thanks for reading, EMC! I'll update this if I feel anything needs adding~
  2. That veeppeep really reminds me of Torchic... :p

  3. Sort of, hah :p
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    The PvP event just started! ;)