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  1. I was wondering if there are any plans to make the forums available on Tapatalk? It's a pretty awesome way to view all(if your forum has a Tapatalk thingy that is) forums on mobile in one convenient little app. Because I don't know about anyone else but being on my iPod & viewing the forums is a tiny bit of a pain. :|
  2. I do not think there are current plans for that, but there is a mobile site plan according to aikar.
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  3. There had been talk for a app, but that's not really on the top of this list right now for Aikar, and team, It would take a lot longer to make an app, Tapatalk, ect.
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  4. I am working on An android app although it isn't complete yet.
  5. Oh. I'm sorry, I couldn't really see the words that good on my iPod because it was really small. Not an good excuse to most but it's the truth.. But I meant with tapatalk there's no designing a whole other app. Whoever manages the forums could do it in 15-20 minutes. According to the site. "Tapatalk app speaks Tapatalk API - Community Owners can install the free Tapatalk API ("Plugin") to your existing system. It takes only 15 minutes with our step-by-step instructions."
  6. The developers are making a new version and theme for the site that will make it a lot better and also high on their priority is for it to be mobile friendly. Don't worry, the site will soon be working on mobile without the use of, well, anything else? :confused: