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  1. If there could be an iPhone/Android app for the forums, that would really be a great help to me and I'm sure many others.
  2. I think that's more of a Zenforo app made by Aikar and chickeneer would probably just be the webpage in app form...unless they hand-made the entire forum from scratch? Not too sure edit- it would be very handy though
  3. Whilst I admit that it would be handy, it just sounds like a lot of extra work for the developers and you can very easily open the internet and search And as stated above the forums are powered by Xenforo, which means that to get it in app form they would have to remake it from scratch which I very much doubt they want to. If I'm wrong on that feel free to correct me.
  4. That certainly sounds like a lot of work. This idea has been poked at quite a few times before, and Aikar decided to make the mobile version of the site which works decently enough to be functional for utilitarian purposes. You're still interested, you could do a bit of thread digging to try and find the beta android app a member of the community was working on, I'm not sure if that project is still going or not.
  5. I completely forgot someone made that xD
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  6. There should already be a few available as far as I know. I used to have something for my Windows Phone (eventually stopped using it) which did just that: give me access to several forums from one app.

    This was a few years back, so I'm pretty sure something like this should already exist for other platforms as well.
  7. Sometimes the mobile version of the web has some problems.. I think Aikar has more important things that he wants to do. The mobile app is the least of my worries. :) They might have to redo the entire forums. -1
  8. Add a link to the site to your homescreen. That's what I did. Boom, app. JK, but really, I don't think an app is nessecary.
  9. +1
    I don't think Aikar and the dev team HAVE to code it, there are a lot of community app makers out there...
  10. I can tell you that I tried very hard to make an app that was set up other than the webpage slapped in. Starting from scratch made it almost impossible to do. Between getting the RSS feed to show up to lining everything up/scaling, I gave up very quickly. I can tell you that I did used Intel XDK for the coding/layout.

    Im saying -1 based on difficulty and knowledge needed to do an app. It would just be easier to use a mobile internet app.